Issue 133 Christianity and Judaism

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A surprising point of meeting 

Harvey J. Hames

Christianity & Judaism: Recommended resources

Recommendations from our editorial staff and this issue’s authors to help you navigate the history of Christian-Jewish Relations.

the editors

Sorrow and blessing

Two theologians seek to illuminate the difficult history in this issue

Ellen T. Charry and Holly Taylor Coolman

“Our Jewish life”

Jewish thinkers, writers, leaders, and artists with lasting impacts

Jennifer A. Boardman

Nozrim and Meshichyim

Messianic Judaism combines Jewish and Christian influences, but not without controversy

Yaakov Ariel

A land called holy

The founding of the State of Israel opened new questions for Jewish-Christian relations

Robert O. Smith

Jews, lies, and Nazis

Did Luther pave the way for Hitler?

Eric W. Gritsch

“Never shall I forget”

From 1933 to 1945, Germans—some of them Christians—murdered six million Jews

Chris Gehrz

Christianity and Judaism: Did you know?

Context to illuminate Judaism and Christianity’s complex history together

the editors

Larger than life

Christian thinkers Adopted Jewish symbols—but mistrusted their sources

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Looking for demons

"Golden mouthed" saint preached against Jews

Matt Forster

“Grave offence”

The birth of the ghetto

Paul E. Michelson

Gentile tales

How a limited protection of Jews evolved into persecution

Miri Rubin

People of Torah

Rabbinic Judaism 101

the editors

Pictures of Jews in the New Testament

How some of the authors of the New Testament treated Jews in their writings.

Eliza Rosenberg

Faith divided

How one faith became two—and how their conflict began

Eliza Rosenberg

Editor’s note

The hardest story Christian History has ever had to tell

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Christianity and Judaism: Letters to the editor

Readers respond to Christian History

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