Issue 149 Revival: the first thousand years

What's inside

Always reviving

The Christian movement has gone through continual cycles of revival and renewal

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Countering insult and shame

Pope Gregory VII and the Cistercians tried to reform the church from both above and below

Greg Peters

Looking for the last emperor

Some medieval thinkers and writers sought reform because they thought the end was coming

Randolph Daniel

Winds of spiritual renewal

Mystics looked inward to revive and renew the love of christ 

Glenn E. Myers

Dormant and exploding volcanos

Revivals kept breaking out in the Reformation—but sometimes when people didn’t want them to

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Did you know? Medieval Renewal

Can we use the word “revival” about medieval movements for renewal?

the editors

Letters to the editor: Issue #149

Readers respond to Christian History

readers and editors

Meet the team: Bill Curtis

Meet Christian History's executive editor

Bill Curtis and the editors

Editor's note: Medieval revivals

Looking at the big picture of renewal in church history

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

“Mighty acts”

Thoughts to consider when encountering revival

Jason E. Vickers and Thomas H. McCall

Bernard of Clairvaux’s labor of love

Mentor to popes, advisor to royals, arbiter of heresies, and author for the ages

Paul Rorem

Poor in spirit, new in Christ

While they looked for renewal, the Waldensians looked like trouble

Alan Kreider

Praying and preaching for a better church and society

Revival and renewal took many different forms in the High and late Middle Ages

Jennifer Boardman

Christian History Timeline: Reform, renewal, revival, reaction

Both clergy and laity sought a renewal of devotion and an end to corruption throughout the Middle Ages —but it was sometimes a bumpy road

the editors

“Repair my house”

Francis of Assisi and his followers called the church back to holiness through vibrant preaching and voluntary poverty

Jon M. Sweeney

Walking in the way of St. Francis

Recommendations for reform from the traveling preacher

Francis of Assisi

First, preach Christ’s gospel

Many medieval preachers intended their sermons to renew and revive

Beth Allison Barr

Preaching for revival

Preachers with a burden for souls

the editors and translators

What does it mean to live in Christ?

Reforming and challenging words from Martin Luther

Martin Luther and translators

Questions for reflection: Renewal, revival, and reform

Use these questions on your own or in a group to reflect on medieval renewal movements.

the editors

Recommended resources: Medieval renewals

Read more about revival, renewal, and reform in the Middle Ages in these resources recommended by our authors and the CH team

the editors and authors
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