Issue 148 Lilias Trotter

What's inside

A key in the Master’s hand

An unsung artist and missionary whose story unlocks many doors

Miriam Huffman Rockness

Learning to see

John Ruskin loomed large over an art world and a culture wrestling with both truth and beauty

Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson & Jennifer Trafton

Cooperation for the gospel

Trotter’s mission was part of the exploding nineteenth-century evangelization of North Africa

Rebecca C. Pate

Reaching the “Brotherhood men”

Trotter’s evangelization of Sufi Muslims fit within a larger context of Muslim-Christian relations

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Artists, angels, apostles, and the abode of peace

Some of Trotter’s friends, colleagues, and mentors

Jennifer Boardman

Did you know? Lilias Trotter

Lilias Trotter’s life intersected many trends in Victorian art, culture, mission, and service work

the editors

Letters to the editor: Issue 148

Readers respond to Christian History

readers and editors

Meet the team: Doug Johnson

Christian History's design editor

Doug Johnson

Editor's note: Lilias Trotter

Trotter loved art but loved Jesus more

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

“The marvel of springtime”

Hope in Christ for your soul’s next grace

Lilias Trotter

“The heart of every flower”

Lilias Trotter and George MacDonald

Jennifer Trafton

Minds occupied with heaven

Organizing laypeople for piety and service in the Nineteenth Century

Kevin Belmonte

“Life is reigning, not death”

What it means to be born again

Lilias Trotter

Christian History Timeline: Lilias Trotter

A life of art and service. Trotter’s experiences amid the cultural and missional currents of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

the editors

God told her to go

Like Trotter, Amy Carmichael blazed her own missionary trail 

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

“Joy and peace from the first step”

Christ for the Sufis

Lilias Trotter

“Turn full your soul’s vision to Jesus”

An ocean of grace and love and power lying all around us

Lilias Trotter

“A long drink of cool water”

After she resolved the role of art in her life, Trotter went back to her London work with renewed fervor and dedication.

Miriam Huffman Rockness and the editor

Recommended resources: Lilias Trotter

Read more about the life and work of Lilias Trotter, and about Victorian art, piety, and mission, in these resources recommended by our authors and CH staff.

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Lilias Trotter: art, culture, mission

Questions for reflection

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