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Christian History Institute (CHI) is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation founded in 1982. We provide church history resources and self-study material. Our aim is to make Christian history a delight to the widest possible audience, using modern media such as video and the internet. We strive to make our output look good and communicate well while sticking to the facts.

Christian History Institute issues Christian History magazine and also has produced several books. We are involved with film and video production through our sister company, Vision Video.


A major CHI project is the animated series Torchlighters®. Torchlighters® highlights the honor, integrity and life-changing experiences of Christian men, women, and children who, in response to God’s call, dedicated their lives to whole-hearted commitment and passionate service to Jesus. Each video is 30 minutes long and is suitable for most children ages 8 – 12.

Christian History Magazine

Our work was begun in 1982 by Ken Curtis, the founder of Christian History Institute. Our passion is the same now as it was then: to bring the lively and enriching stories of Christian history to a wide audience. This we did first by producing films to present the lives of famous Christians. In order to make the films even more educational than they already were, our team at CHI put together study materials to accompany them. It was these study materials, filled with information on a single topic, that formed the basis for the Christian History magazine. Our first magazine-style issue featured the life of Count Nicolaus von Zinzendorf and the Moravians.

In the beginning CHI released new magazines somewhat sporadically and always in conjunction with related films. It wasn’t long before readers were telling us they wanted more of the high quality, multi-dimensional stories we presented, and we realized the magazine deserved a life all its own. As a result, we shifted to publishing a regular quarterly, choosing topics of broad appeal and devoting each issue to a single topic.

In 1989 Christianity Today International (CTI) brought Christian History under its leadership as a way to further expand the reach of the publication. This organization’s skill and experience led to significant increases in quality and circulation for 19 years. But, as printed content became less in demand, CTI made the difficult choice to cease publication following the 99th issue on “Faith and the American Presidency” in 2008. It was at this point that care of the magazine returned to CHI.

That brings us to our current efforts to revive and restore Christian History magazine in a brand new way. We offer PDF downloads of the first 99 issues, and revitalized the magazine with issue #100, which mailed in March 2011. Through fascinating, informative articles and captivating images, we explored the story behind the King James Version of the Bible on the 400th anniversary of its first printing. Since then we have released a number of issues and look forward to many more years of publication!

The online version of our magazine has many of the same features as the print version, but also allows you to search for topics of interest and give your feedback. We hope to add additional features such as DVD clips and links to extra material. We are delighted to present a print and online publication that brings you opportunities to interact with the material and join the conversation as we together learn from the past, engage the present, and walk towards the future.

We hope you will fully enjoy and participate in this happy step forward in the “History of Christian History!”

If you wish to make a donation towards our efforts, please click on the “donate” link in the sidebar, or mail a check to Christian History Institute Box 540, Worcester, PA 19490. Designate it for Christian History magazine.


Thank you for your donations! All donors receive a complimentary subscription to Christian History magazine.


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