Issue 150 Stories worth retelling

What's inside

The history of Christian History

What made CH what it is today? Our unique beginnings guide our mission

Chris A. Armstrong and Bill Curtis

Last at the cross, first at the tomb

Christian maidens were very numerous.

Catherine Kroeger

Moments that mattered

Issues that stood out to previous editors and contributors.

Elesha Coffman, Bill Curtis, David Neff, Jennifer Woodruff Tait,

Chained bodies, freed souls

The worship of enslaved people

Albert J. Raboteau

Why Christian history?

Ten reasons to stay connected to history

Chris A. Armstrong

Did you know? Best of CH

Memorable “Did you know?” facts from 150 issues of CH

editors and contributors

Senior editor’s note

What makes Christian History Christian history?

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Managing editor’s note

The vision that Ken had from the very beginning lives on at Christian History Institute's core. 

Kaylena Radcliff

Letters to the editor

Readers respond to Christian History

readers and editors

The whole story

Bird’s-eye view of 2,000 years of the church, especially in the West.

Bruce Shelley

Missions and martyrs

Some episodes from the early church

Edwin Yamauchi, William G. Bixler, J. Warren Smith

The emperor, the healer, and the teacher

Constantine, Basil, Augustine

David F. Wright, Timothy S. Miller, Dan Graves

When Jerusalem wept

Control of Jerusalem passed from nation to nation

Robert Louis Wilken

Conquests and convents, division and dung

Expanding Christendom, if necessary by force, had become part of a king’s duty.

G. R. Evans, Ann K. Warren, George T. Dennis, Daniel V. Runyon

Severe salvation

Forced conversions

Richard Fletcher

Sparks and trials

Tales of three reformers

Brian H. Edwards, Scott H. Hendrix, Peter Matheson

A life of luxury meets the life of Christ

The lives of Christ and the saints filled Ignatius with a sense of “consolation.”

Katie M. Benjamin

Johns worth knowing

A persecuted preacher, an innovative evangelist, and an "old African blasphemer"

E. Beatrice Batson, J. D. Walsh, Aubrynn Whitted

The golden age of hymns

Songs that spoke the language of Christian faith and aspiration

Vinita Hampton Wright

Founding fathers

An innovative evangelist, a Christ-based preacher, and a pioneer missionary

James E. Johnson, Patricia Stallings Kruppa, Timothy George

Surprised by Christ

Three spirits conquered by Christ

Lyle W. Dorsett, Matt Forster, Kaylena Radcliff

Russian Christianity and the revolution: what happened?

The sins of the church came back on its head with a fury

Andrew Sorokowski

Living for Christ

Eight Christians you should know

Dan Graves

Recommended resources: Stories worth retelling

We covered a lot of ground in this issue of CH! Here are just a few resources we recommend to learn more.

the authors and editors

Freedom to worship him

The children’s prayer revival in Silesia 

Matt Forster
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