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The Torchlighters

The Torchlighters ® are animated true stories of Christian heroes for children. Torchlighters is a ministry of Christian History Institute and the Voice of the Martyrs.

Vision Video

Vision Video is our sister company, the producer of our many videos. Visit and browse!

Voice of the Martyrs

Not only does Voice of the Martyrs co-produce some of the Torchlighters®, it keeps its readers informed of persecution in the world wide church.

Captive Faith

This is a web site devoted to people of the Bible and of the Christian faith whose time in prison brought forth some of the most creative, life-changing, and spiritually perceptive writing in all history.

Bible and Archaeology—Online Museum

Fifty archaeological and manuscript finds which confirm people and places mentioned in the Bible. Illustrated.

Billy Graham Center Archives

This collection, held in Wheaton Illinois, has information about Billy Graham, many of his associates, and men and women from other ministries.

Christian History Institute on Facebook

Become a fan of Christian History Institute. Post feedback. Spread likes.

Christianity Today

Our friends in Illinois, and for many years the publisher of Christian History magazine.

Church History Timeline

The content of this website includes three years’ worth of daily stories from church history, originally produced by Christian History Institute.

Does Your Church Value Church History?

A blogger reminds us why church history matters.

Glimpses for Kids

Looking for Glimpses for Kids? Christian History Institute no longer produces them, but the texts of the previous issues are available here.

Grateful to the Dead

Blog of Chris Armstrong, an editor of Christian History magazine and associate professor of church history at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Guide to Early Church Documents

A resource from Internet Christian Library.

International Bulletin of Mission Research

Mission research with a historical component.

The Modern Christian

All about keeping your faith in the modern world. At this site you’ll find Christian humor, devotions, resources and more.

Schaff’s History of the Christian Church

Schaff wrote his erudite, multi-volume history from a Protestant viewpoint.

Videos and Stories Behind Hymns

Blogs tell the stories of famous Christian hymns, songs, and music classics. There are links to videos in which some of the pieces are played. Many of the blogs are illustrated with images of the authors or composers.

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