Issue 132 "I Have Called You Friends"

What's inside

The Meaux Circle and the Holy Triumvirate

Calvin’s ministry grew out of several partnerships in reform

Jon Balserak

Spiritual Friendship, Did you know?

Pomegranates, organ-playing, and centuries of circles of Christian friends

the editors

Letters, Christian History 132

Readers respond to Christian History

Our readers

Editor's note: Spiritual friendships

Friendship between Christians always has an added dimension

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

St. Paul among friends

The Apostle and his coworkers for the gospel

Michael F. Bird

Don’t call it a list

Paul’s spiritual friendships—and ours

Fred Craddock

Two bodies, but a single spirit

Excerpt on friendship from Oratio 43

Gregory of Nazianzus

“Our single object and ambition was virtue”

Spiritual friendship among the Cappadocians

Megan DeVore

The head of the body of Christ

Soul-friendship and the Celtic missionary impulse

Garry J. Crites

“A pure and holy love”

“On Spiritual Friendship” was a popular medieval expression of what it meant to be a friend to other believers

Aelred of Rievaulx

Spiritual Friendship: Recommended Resources

Want to learn more about the stories featured in this issue? Check out these recommendations from our editors and from this issue’s authors.

The editors

Friends united in mission

Gospel-centered friendships abound in church history; here are some milestones for those we focus on in this issue.

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

“As the heart of one man”

The friendship of Andrew Fuller and John Ryland

Michael A. G. Haykin

Together traveling on

Christian friendship between spouses

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Holy clubs and Tuesday meetings

Circles of spiritual friends were at the heart of the Methodist movement—twice 

Kelly Diehl Yates

Saints against slavery

A world-changing set of friendships

Karen Swallow Prior

From hallowed halls to a higher calling

How fellowship among college friends spurred mission movements

John Roxborogh

Surprised by friendship

Seventeen years that changed literature

Diana Pavlac Glyer

Haystacks, starry clusters, and baptizing bishops

How God used friendships to spark mission throughout church history

Jennifer A. Boardman
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