Issue 141 City of Man

What's inside

Living by a higher authority

Civic engagement in the early church

Stephen Presley

Prayer, provision, service

Christian civic engagement in the monastic tradition

Jason Zuidema

God rules over the cosmos

Abraham Kuyper argued for God’s sovereignty over all spheres of human life

Jessica Joustra

The national spirit

Two men whose civic engagement connected Christianity to korean independence 

In Soo Kim

The needs of the worker

Working-class civic engagement helped catalyze the rise of the Social Gospel

Heath W. Carter

Organizing for engagement

A small sampling of Christian organizations and movements through the centuries that promoted civic engagement in different spheres for the common good

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

City of Man: Did you know?

What is civic engagement? Church leaders have long reflected on how Christians should live in the world

The editors

City of Man: Letters to the editor

Readers respond to Christian History

Our readers and the editors

City of Man: Editor’s note

Bigger than civics.

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Prayer for insiders and outsiders

The letter of Clement of Rome

Clement of Rome / Stephen Presley

“Seek the welfare of the city”

Some famous Scripture passages that have guided very different approaches to civic engagement

The Bible

Inside the monastery gates

A chief way monasteries engaged with their communities was showing hospitality


From royal saints to holy fools

The Eastern Orthodox tradition has often intertwined civic engagement with civic power

James C. Skedros

Serving your neighbor

Luther’s theology of the common order of Christian love gave life to civil society

Jordan J. Ballor

Two kingdoms

A selection of Luther’s musings on the role of Christians in civil society

Martin Luther

Herman Bavinck

A young man captivated by the vision of Kuyper

Jessica Joustra

Representative of the outcast

Josephine Butler’s civic engagement helped improve the lives of Victorian women

Jane Robinson

Brave medical and theological sister

As doctor, activist, and ultimately theologian, Katharine Bushnell sought to improve women’s lives

Kristin Kobes Du Mez

Preaching and practicing

Fathers and sons shaping the common good—sometimes very differently

Aaron Griffith

The cost of discipleship?

Bonhoeffer’s commitment to the Word against the state led him to shocking conclusions

Michael P. DeJonge

Doing church, being church

Christians bring to the table not so much a different set of propositions, but a different citizenship.

Peter Storey and the editors

Forming a community of hope

We are relational in God's image

Amy Sherman

City of Man: Recommended resources

learn more about christian civic engagement through these suggestions compiled by our editors and contributors.

The editors and contributors
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