Issue 142 Divine Healing

What's inside

“We have prayed three people on the brink of death back to life”

Healing in the Protestant Reformation

Ronald K. Rittgers

Seeing what Jesus can do

The Blumhardts and the healing of creation

Christian T. Collins Winn

Power in the blood

Divine healing at the Azusa Street revival and in early Pentecostalism 

Gastón Espinosa

More powerful than ancestral spirits

Prayer, material blessing, and healing

Wonsuk Ma

Healing on the frontlines

Some global healing ministries today

Randy Clark and the editors

Divine healing: Did you know?

Stories of divine healing throughout church history drawn from our archives

The editors

Letters to the editor Issue 142

Readers respond to Christian History

CH readers and editors

Meet the staff: Edwin Woodruff Tait

Meet Edwin a writer and contributing editor at Christian History magazine

Edwin Woodruff Tait and the editors

Executive editor’s note

With the team at Global Awakening, we try to correct our oversight of the healing work of Christ throughout church history.

Bill Curtis

Managing editor’s note

Sometimes people are only healed when they are finally at rest in the arms of Jesus.

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Jesus the healer

The rise, retreat, and renewal of divine healing in Christian history

Candy Gunther Brown

Astonishing deeds

Biblical and early church testimony present Jesus as a healer and miracle worker

Craig Keener and Médine Moussounga Keener

Speaking with the saints

Healing and miracles in the Middle Ages

Donald S. Prudlo

Miracles of power and grace

Healing in the Great Awakening

Thomas S. Kidd and Samuel L. Young

Marching to Zion

Stories from a nineteenth-century transatlantic faith-healing movement

Joel Cabrita

Christian History Timeline: The gospel brings healing

Church history is brimming with stories of divine healing; here is a timeline of some featured in this issue

the editors

Extraordinary becoming ordinary

Charismatic renewal and healing prayer in mainline denominations 

Amy Collier Artman

Healing power

How a pastor and a professor prayed for healing and started the third wave movement

Caleb Maskell

God who can heal the sick

Divine healing as a global movement

Philip Jenkins

Hope, wholeness, healing

Two doctors discuss prayer and medical interventions working together to promote healing

John R. Peteet, John R. Knight Jr., and the editors

Testing the power of prayer

Scientific studies of prayer for healing

Joshua W. Brown, Clarissa C. Romez, and the editors

Divine healing: Recommended resources

Learn more about healing throughout Christian history with these resources selected by this issue’s authors and editors.

the editors

Questions for reflection: divine healing

Christians have approached divine healing in different ways

the editors
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