Issue 138 America's Book

What's inside

A city on a hill?

The Bible and “Christian America”

Abram Van Engen

Rebels with a cause

The Bible of the early American Republic

Mark A. Noll

Christ versus the rum shops

Seeking biblical liberty from vice and bondage

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Oh, freedom

The Bible in Black Christian movements for liberation

Jay R. Case

“From sea to shining sea”

Notable Americans drew inspiration from the Bible

Jennifer A. Boardman

Bible in America: Did you know?

Bible towns, Bible songs, Bible novels, and pocket Bibles

the editors

Bible in America: Letters to the editor

Readers respond to Christian History

our readers and editors

Bible in America: Editor's Note

Life was saturated with references to God and to scriptural metaphors.

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Blessings and curses

 Biblical references in some famous American speeches

Alan R. Crippen II

Preaching the holy war (Bible in America)

Both sides in the civil war appealed to the Bible

James H. Moorhead

Christian History timeline: Haunted by the word

Americans have translated, interpreted, applied, and wrestled with the Bible from colonial times to the 21st century

the editors

From revolutionary founder to founder of a Bible revolution

Elias Boudinot and his friends worked not only to begin a new nation but also to start the American Bible Society

Jonathan Den Hartog

Gleams of truth

How American authors, believers and unbelievers alike, used the Bible in their work

Marybeth Davis Baggett

The greatest stories ever told

The Bible has often starred at the box office

the editors

How much do you know about the Bible?

A quiz

the editors and contributors

Questions for reflection: The Bible in America

Questions to help you think more deeply about this issue

the editors

Recommended resources: Bible in America

Learn more about the history of the Bible in America with these resources selected by Christian History’s authors and editors.

the editors and authors
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