Issue 139 Hallowed Halls

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Hallowed Halls: Did you know?

This issue shares many stories about colleges and universities trying to pursue human flourishing. Here are a few to start you off.

the editors

Hallowed Halls: Letters to the editor

Readers respond to Christian History

Our readers and the editor

Hallowed halls: editor's note

Discussing the Meaning of Life

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Restoring the divine likeness

Christian humanism and the rise of the medieval university

Jens Zimmermann

City of scholars

The University of Paris developed a model copied by many schools

Robert J. Porwoll

A guild of learners

What was it like to study at Oxford and Cambridge in the Middle Ages?

G. R. Evans

Politics, popes, and Prague

A cascading failure to meet the common good

Edwin Woodruff Tait

The backwoods school that changed a continent

How Wittenberg helped spread Protestant reform

Beth Kreitzer

Tolerant and pious

How Friedrichs University in Halle gave Europe a Pietist vision of the common good

Douglas H. Shantz

Other schools of note

European colleges and universities

the editors

Christian History Timeline: Godly learning, godly teaching

Christians through the centuries have wrestled with how to educate moral and virtuous people. Here are some milestones along the way.

the editors

Even more schools of note

Colleges and universities from around the world

the editors

From Paris to Berlin

The University’s post-Enlightenment transformation

Thomas Albert Howard

Theology on trial

 Berlin and the modern research university

Zachary Purvis

Fruits of the ivy vine

The Ivy league schools aimed for the common good of a new nation

Benjamin P. Leavitt

Eternal views

John Henry Newman’s The Idea of a University

Austin Walker

“God will bless us in doing right”

Oberlin College and Christian social reform

Christina Hitchcock

Delicate balance

Fundamentalist heritage and the evangelical mind at Wheaton College

George M. Marsden

“The great plan of Jesus Christ”

 College revivals

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Seeking and teaching virtue

Christian bearers of the liberal arts tradition from the Middle Ages to the present

Jennifer A. Boardman

Humility, truth, mentoring, love

Is something missing from the modern university?

the editors and interviewees

Hallowed halls: Questions for reflection

Christians in higher education

the editors

Hallowed halls: Recommended resources CH 139

Learn more about Christianity and higher education with these resources selected by Christian History’s authors and editors.

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