Issue 145 Erasmus: Christ's humanist

What's inside

Christian History timeline: Erasmus the traveling humanist

Where he went, who his friends were, who argued with him, who read his books

the editors

Questions for reflection

Erasmus: Christ’s humanist

the editors

Erasmus: Recommended resources

Read more about the life of Erasmus and his role in sixteenth-century humanism and reform in these resources recommended by our authors and CH staff.

the authors and editors

“Wherever truth can be found”

Ronald K. Rittgers and the editors

Colleagues and critics

Erasmus and his complex relationships with his contemporaries

Jennifer A. Boardman

Spiritual father or rejected scholar?

Erasmus and the Anabaptists

Astrid von Schlachta

Brethren of the Christian humanist life

Thomas More, Erasmus’s friend

Paul E. Michelson

Living the simple life

“What else is a city,” Erasmus wrote, “but a great monastery?”

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Debating over the Promised Land

Erasmus as a reforming leader

Amy Nelson Burnett

Erasmus: Did you know?

What Erasmus thought about preaching, proverbs, shopping, and Martin Luther

the editors

Erasmus in context

How he stacked up against other reformers

the editors

Known by his works

Erasmus as writer and publisher

Hilmar M. Pabel

Erasmus’s wisdom and wit

Select excerpts from writings of Erasmus


Everything old is new again

Christian humanism and Erasmus

Kirk Essary

A sixteenth-century influencer

Getting to know Erasmus

Erika Rummel

Erasmus: editor's note

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Meet the staff: Sara Campbell

Sara Campbell and the editors

Letters to the editor

Readers respond to Christian History

readers and the editors
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