Issue 144 Christian history in images

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Early church AD 1-500, Part 1


Max Pointner

Executive editor’s note

With this special fortieth-anniversary issue, we are delighted to honor Ken’s memory and celebrate God’s faithfulness by overviewing the whole scope of Christian history in images.

Bill Curtis and Michelle Curtis

Managing editor’s note

Someone brought a cockroach

Jennifer Woodruff Tait


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Early church AD 1-500, Part 2


Max Pointner

Past issues by the numbers

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Christian History timeline: 2,000 years of Christian history

Events, people, and movements featured in this issue

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2,000 years of Christian quotations

Christians throughout the world and down the centuries testifying to their Savior

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Christian history in images: recommended resources

Some resources to help you put this issue in context

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Favorite Christian History issues

We asked past and current team members of CH and other friends of the magazine to share their favorite issues with us and, if they wished, to tell us why.

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Credits for the images that appear in CH 144

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