Issue 146 Christ and Culture in Russia

What's inside

High and holy days

Liturgical life in the Russian empire before 1917

Nadieszda Kizenko

Which text? Whose job? What language?

Translating the Bible into modern Russian

Stephen K. Batalden

Remembering and rebuilding

Russia and Ukraine in the postSoviet era, 1988–2018

Vera Shevzov

A diversity of witnesses

Some Scholars, church leaders, mission workers, and martyrs forming modern Orthodoxy in Russia

Jennifer A. Boardman

Beyond copies

Past and future in Russian art and culture

Sergei Chapnin

Did you Know? Christ and culture in Russia

A brief glossary of Orthodoxy in Russia

the editors

Letters to the editor. Christ and culture in Russia

Readers respond to Christian History

the editors and readers

Meet the staff. Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Editor’s note. Christ and culture in Russia

How do you practice faith after decades of official atheism?

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Persecution and resilience

The Russian Orthodox Church and the Bolshevik Revolution

Scott M. Kenworthy

One space or many?

The backstory from Rus to the 1917 revolution

Heather Coleman

Love as an act of rebellion

Orthodoxy and literary culture

Caryl Emerson

Christian History TImeline: Christ and culture in Russia

Selected events from this issue and their context. (Underlined items represent the rise to power of some major political leaders.)

the editors

Christian lives and Christian hope

Keeping faith under communism

Irina Paert

The “Philosophy Steamer”

How Russian emigre theologians shaped Orthodox thought

Paul Gavrilyuk


historical maps

the editors

Questions for reflection: Christ and culture in Russia

Orthodoxy in Russia: past, present, future

the editors

Recommended resources: Christ and culture in Russia

Read more about the complexities of Orthodoxy in Russia in these resources recommended by our authors and CH staff.

the editors
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