Issue 111 Billy Graham

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Watershed: Los Angeles 1949

The revival that took Billy Graham from anonymity to national fame

Grant Wacker

“Go forth to every part of the world”

Billy Graham’s early missions to Europe helped shape a global evangelical movement

Uta Balbier


Billy Graham shared the spotlight—and moments of intimate prayer—with more presidents than any other Christian leader

Stephen Rankin

Mama was “a real theologian”

In marrying Ruth Bell, Billy Graham acquired a strong-willed partner, a shrewd father-in-law, and a heritage of Presbyterian purposefulness

Anne Blue Wills

Jesus was not a white man

Billy Graham asked Howard Jones to become a living experiment in racial progress

Edward Gilbreath

Billy Graham, Did you know?

Billy Graham’s political temptation, his friendships with entertainers and heads of state, and the impact of his music team

the editors

Editor's note: Billy Graham

Experience the sense of Billy Graham’s greatness

David Neff

“I would not call it show business”

Media made Billy Graham a celebrity; Graham worked hard to stay honest and authentic

Elesha Coffman

A citizen of the world

An interview with Leighton Ford

Matt Forster

Christian History timeline: life and ministry of Billy Graham

A timeline of world events and the major events in the life of Billy Graham

the editors

The next generation

Billy and Ruth Graham’s children found their own niches for ministry

the editors

The evangelist and the intellectuals

Billy Graham nurtured intellectual institutions and took the gospel to universities

Andrew Finstuen

An evangelistic band of brothers

Five friends who helped Billy Graham set—and stay—his course

Seth Dowland

The “Modesto Manifesto”

The Graham team decided to take concrete steps to avoid the slightest whiff of controversy

Seth Dowland

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