Issue 128 Living on a Prayer: George Müller, the Brethren and faith missions

What's inside

Delighted in God

The prayer-full, faith-full life of George Müller

Roger Steer

A substantial work

How God led Müller to provide homes for children

Philip Thomas

Even the wind obeyed

George Müller’s testimony of 50,000 answered prayers

Dan Graves

George Müller, Did you know?

Enjoy these classic stories of george Müller and his influence from Delighted in God by Roger Steer

Roger Steer

Letters to the editor, CH 128

Readers respond to Christian History

CH readers

Editor's note: George Mueller

Müller intended to demonstrate that God is always faithful. 

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

Müller speaks of his conversion when he was a divinity student at the University of Halle.

George Müller

“Ready to do the Lord’s will”

 How to ascertain the will of God, according to Müller

George Müller

Christian History Timeline: From orphans to martyrs

The influence of Müller, his friends, and his movement was long-lasting

the editors

Müller and friends

The development of the Brethren

Tim Grass

The "simple standard of God's word"

Anthony Norris Groves

Robert Bernard Dann

"Thus far the Lord has helped us"

How Hudson Taylor learned to live by faith

Lisa Nichols Hickman

Caught up to meet Jesus in the clouds

John Nelson Darby’s view of the last things has dramatically outlived him

Roger Robins

For the love of God's Word

A legacy of Brethren influence

Jennifer Boardman

A Christian organization with integrity

Today the work that Müller began is carried on in a different form. CH managing editor Jennifer Woodruff Tait had the opportunity to visit in Bristol with Phil Thomas, training coordinator and lecturer in theology at Müllers, the charity that continues George Müller’s work.

The editor and Phil Thomas

George Müller: Recommended resources

Here are some recommendations from CH editorial staff and this issue’s authors to help you better understand Müller and the Brethren.

the editors
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