Blog • Jul 7, 2020

Shedding Light on Scientific Advancement

Post by Max Pointner, CHM Image Researcher

Blog • Jun 29, 2020

Abbess, Scientist, Lyricist and Composer: Hildegard of Bingen

The musical endeavors of a remarkable 12th-c. nun | post by Nathan Hillanbrand

Magazine articles • Issue 134 • May 23, 2020

Divine power, wisdom, and goodness

The medieval flourishing of natural philosophy in Christianity

Magazine articles • Issue 134 • May 23, 2020

A world of love and light

Christian theology shaped modern science through the work of Johannes Kepler and Robert Boyle

Magazine articles • Issue 135 • Jul 3, 2020

The plagues that destroyed

A survey of epidemics and some Christian responses

Magazine articles • Issue 135 • Jul 3, 2020

Demonstrating the love of Christ

At the very beginning of the church, Christians were known for their compassion in times of illness

Magazine articles • Issue 135 • Jul 6, 2020

Courage and pestilence

Luther’s words amid 16th-century plagues speak to our own time in complex ways

Current issue 135

Plagues and epidemics

Christian responses to epidemics past and present

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“To prevent the confession of faith from usurping a tyrannical power over the conscience of any, we do not mean, that every person is bound to the stri...”

Semple, Robert Baylor. History of the Rise and Progress of the Baptists in Virginia. 1810.


God prunes us so we can bear more fruit (1856)

Every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful —John 15:2 (NIV). The Lord empti...