Blog • May 9, 2022

Quiz the Bible: An American Phenomenon

Interview with Edwin Woodruff Tait by Issue #143 Scholar-advisor Jonathan Den Hartog

Blog • May 9, 2022

How the 19th Century Divine Healing Movement Nearly Met Its End

Guest post by Randy Clark

Magazine articles • Issue 143 • May 4, 2022

“Your daughters shall prophesy”

Women interpreting the Bible

Magazine articles • Issue 143 • May 5, 2022

Attackers and defenders

How “higher criticism” developed, came to America, and provoked a response

Magazine articles • Issue 143 • May 5, 2022

Four historic paths

The Bible in indigenous languages

Magazine articles • Issue 142 • Feb 7, 2022

Speaking with the saints

Healing and miracles in the Middle Ages

Current issue 143

America's book

How the Bible helped shape the church

Today in History


Avoid envy in Christ’s work (1893)

Whenever you attempt a good work you will find other men doing the same kind of work, and probably doing it better. Envy...

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