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John Scotus Eriugena and the unknowability of God

The life of controversial medieval philosopher, John the Irish Gael. A guest post from

Magazine articles • Issue 127 • Aug 13, 2018

Everyone a bride of Christ

Medieval's developed "bridal mysticism."

Magazine articles • Issue 127 • Aug 13, 2018

Seeing Christ crucified in her soul

Margery Kempe’s story gives us a window into the daily lives of many devout medieval people.

Magazine articles • Issue 127 • Aug 13, 2018

The agony and the ecstasy

catherine of siena invited others into a passionate, physical devotion

Magazine articles • Issue 127 • Aug 13, 2018

The fires of love

From the highest nobility to the lowest working class, medievals heard the call of God over four centuries.

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Medieval Lay Mystics

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. I John 4:7a (NIV)

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“Following, then, the holy Fathers, we all unanimously teach that our Lord Jesus Christ is to us One and the same Son, the Self same Perfect in Godhead...”

Date from Schaff's History of the Christian Church; translation from: Bindley, T. Herbert, The Oecumenical Documents of the Faith. Methuen, 1899.


Goodness will flourish forever

Flee to Egypt—Matthew 2:13 (NIV). Why [flee]? Because there is a cruel king who will seek the young child’s...