Christian History Institute’s major new documentary series examines the legacy of the Protestant Reformation as we mark its 500th Anniversary. This Changed Everything: 500 Years of the Reformation celebrates the fruits of the Reformation while grappling with difficult questions surrounding its legacy of division within Christianity.

Magazine articles • Issue 124 • Nov 8, 2017

A bishop’s work is never done

During and after persecution, new complexities challenged church leaders

Magazine articles • Issue 124 • Nov 8, 2017

Healing the city

How Christians helped the sick and poor in the Roman Empire’s cities

Magazine articles • Issue 124 • Nov 8, 2017

Life in the earthly city

Christians advocated for “the Way” in the middle of urban distractions much like our own

Magazine articles • Issue 123 • Aug 8, 2017

Prison as a parish: Christian inmates

Christians in prison have shared similar stories through 2,000 years.

Current issue 124

Faith in the City

How the early church spread through ancient cities

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“God did conceale the time when Christ was borne, upon the same reason that He tooke away the body of Moses, that they might not put an holinesse upon...”

Dawson, William Francis. Christmas: Its Origin and Associations. London: Elliot Stock, 1902.


Jesus was estimated lower than his servant (1886)

The Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask [John the Baptist], “Who are you?”—John 1:19 (...