Magazine articles • Issue 126 • May 8, 2018

From outlaws to patriots

The early story of Baptists in America

Magazine articles • Issue 126 • May 9, 2018

March to freedom

African American Baptists forged a strong identity in the face of oppression

Magazine articles • Issue 126 • May 9, 2018

Multiplying by dividing (again)

Baptists wrestle with fundamentalism and liberalism

Magazine articles • Issue 126 • May 10, 2018

“That’s where I used to go to church”

Black Baptists and white Baptists shared something important in the twentieth century: a penchant for splitting

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Baptists in America

Baptists in America: Diverse, evangelistic, and thriving, they have shaped the faith, culture, and political history of America more than you may know.

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“Let my heart be sound in Thy Statues that I be not ashamed Psalm 119 80 We may regard this inspired prayer as containing within itself the assurance t...”

Spurgeon, Charles Haddon. The Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith: being precious promises arranged for daily use with brief comments. New York: American Tract Society, n.d. [c.1888]


True Faith Has Real Power (1908)

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for —Hebrews 11:1 (NASB). What, after all, is this “faith”...