Magazine articles • Issue 130 • May 14, 2019

Christianity converted

The initial encounters between Europeans and Latin Americans

Magazine articles • Issue 130 • May 14, 2019

Dancing sickness, ancient gods

Religious traditions clashed in Latin America 

Magazine articles • Issue 130 • May 15, 2019

Making faith their own

Worship, devotion, and folk religion in Latin America

Magazine articles • Issue 130 • May 15, 2019

Strangers in a strange land

Protestantism and power in nineteenth-century Latin America

Current issue 130

Latin American Christianity: Colorful, complex, conflicted

Discover the story of Latin American Christianity from the arrival of Catholicism and Columbus in the New World to the varied Protestant, Catholic, Pentecostal and syncretistic expressions of faith in the present day. Trace the colorful, complex, and conflicted history of faith in the Americas with this latest issue of Christian History. 

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“Now the passage which I have undertaken to expound to day, is one in which the doctrine of the Trinity is brought into connection practically with the...”

Robertson, F.W. Sermons Preached at Brighton. London: Kegan, Paul, Trench and Co., 1884.


Give Thanks for Holy Communion (1916)

Read John 6:49-59 I. Our Lord gave the instruction recorded in our passage in the one synagogue in all the world, it see...