Dr. Michael Horton, as part of the bonus material from The Reformation: This Changed Everything, a production of Christian History Institute, discusses whether or not we should view the Reformation as a past event or an on-going need of the church.

Magazine articles • Issue 116 • May 26, 2015

“My chains fell off”: Richard Allen and Francis Asbury

Magazine articles • Issue 111 • May 22, 2014

Start seeing persecution

How Westerners overlook persecution, what it looks like, and what we can do about it

Magazine articles • Issue 124 • May 12, 2017

The road not taken

Evangelical Catholics worked for reform without leaving their mother church

Today in History

Why do we grow so little in grace? (1901)

Why do we grow so little in grace? It is because we do not use our intellect to meditate upon the forces of the unseen w...