Blog • Oct 6, 2020

The Emperor and the Monk

Charles V and the Diet of Worms: Part 1Guest Post by Clayton Miles Lehman

Blog • Jul 13, 2020

He will build His Church

A pastor's response to a modern pandemic | guest post by Darren M. Lewis

Magazine articles • Issue 138 • Feb 4, 2021

Blessings and curses

 Biblical references in some famous American speeches

Magazine articles • Issue 138 • Feb 5, 2021

Gleams of truth

How American authors, believers and unbelievers alike, used the Bible in their work

Magazine articles • Issue 138 • Feb 5, 2021

The greatest stories ever told

The Bible has often starred at the box office

Magazine articles • Issue 137 • Nov 10, 2020

Self-serving vice or society-building virtue?

The long-standing influence of Max Weber’s linking of Protestantism and capitalism

Magazine articles • Issue 137 • Nov 10, 2020

What would Jesus do in business?

The rise, struggles, and promise of the faith and work movement

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How the Bible helped shape a nation

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“Fellowship with God is something one dare not cover, for it smothers to death. It is like a tender infant or a delicate little plant, for a long nurtu...”

Laubach, Frank C. Letters by a Modern Mystic: Excerpts from letters written at Dansalan, Lake Lanao, Philipine Islands to his father…


Who Desires Life? (1865)

Morning.— Bible Question: What man is there who desires life and loves many days, that he may see good? —Psa...