Blog • Aug 25, 2022

17 Things We Learn From Church History

Ken Curtis's words of wisdom from the '99 CEVMA conference | Post by Michelle Curtis

Blog • May 9, 2022

How the 19th Century Divine Healing Movement Nearly Met Its End

Guest post by Randy Clark

Magazine articles • Issue 144 • Aug 17, 2022

Early church AD 1-500, Part 1


Magazine articles • Issue 144 • Aug 18, 2022

Early Middle Ages 500-1000, Part 1


Magazine articles • Issue 144 • Aug 19, 2022

High and Late Middle Ages 1000-1500, Part 1


Magazine articles • Issue 144 • Aug 19, 2022

Reformation to the present 1500–2000, Part 1


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Quote of the day

“I believe, with you, that the late Mr. Wilberforce was very earnest and sincere in his endeavours to promote the Abolition of the Slave Trade but neit...”

Sharp, Granville. Letter appended to “The System of Colonial Law Compared with the Eternal Laws of God and with the Indispensable Principles of the English Constitution.” London, 1807.


Be like Christ (1828)

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus—Philippians 2:5. By your trials and sufferings you are bei...

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