Blog • May 26, 2023

The Bible's Fascinating Journey: Why Chapters and Verses?

Guest Post by Dr. Patrick Oben

Blog • Dec 1, 2022

A Nearly Forgotten Heritage: The Geneva Bible

Guest post by Jonathan Edwards

Blog • Jan 17, 2023

Family Trees of Christian Groups

Find charts showing the roots and connections of Christian denominations

Blog • Dec 21, 2023

Silent Spring, Creation Care, and Modern Environmentalism

The Christian Roots of Environmentalism Part 2 | Guest post by David F. Garner

Magazine articles • Issue 150 • Feb 6, 2024

The whole story

Bird’s-eye view of 2,000 years of the church, especially in the West.

Magazine articles • Issue 150 • Feb 6, 2024

The emperor, the healer, and the teacher

Constantine, Basil, Augustine

Magazine articles • Issue 150 • Feb 7, 2024

Johns worth knowing

A persecuted preacher, an innovative evangelist, and an "old African blasphemer"

Magazine articles • Issue 150 • Feb 7, 2024

Living for Christ

Eight Christians you should know

Current issue 150

Stories worth retelling

Our readers' favorites from 150 issues

Today in History


Earthly Things Cannot Satisfy (1865)

Earthly things are empty and unsatisfying. We may have too much, but never enough of them; they oft breed loathing, but...

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