Issue 110 Callings

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Duty and delight

Medieval Christians lived in a tension between action and contemplation, between this world and the next

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Liberating those who work

Martin Luther challenged centuries of vocational reflection

David C. Fink

Doing much good in the world

The Reformed tradition emphasized laboring in one’s calling for God and for neighbor

Jordan J. Ballor

About God’s business

John Wesley encouraged Methodists to seek holiness of heart and life in ways that also transformed their secular vocations

Chris Armstrong

What would Jesus do?

Snapshots from the book God at Work: The History and Promise of the Faith at Work Movement

David W. Miller

Vocation, Did You Know?

Famous Christians talked about issues that still confront us in our vocations today. Hear them in their own words.

the Editors

Making drudgery divine?

George Herbert writes of doing all things for Christ—and the discouragement when doing all things seems to not be enough.

George Herbert

Editor's note: Vocation

Christian vocation has been understood in many ways

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Gifts that differ; callings that unite

An interview with the editor of the Theology of Work Project

Will Messenger

Called First to Christ

Early Christians preached that coming to Christ changed everything

Beth Felker Jones

An early church list of unacceptable jobs for Christians

Charioteers, prostitutes and military governors all had to quit

The Apostolic Tradition

Perpetua’s calling to Christ leads her to separate from her family

Excerpt from Perpetua’s martyrdom account


Reading scripture, washing feet

Benedict’s monastic Rule addresses both physical and spiritual aspects of the monastic calling

Benedict of Nursia

Dante’s calling

Why should I go there?

Dante Allighieri

“God rejoices in his works”

Martin Luther writes about what makes an honorable vocation

Martin Luther

Christian History Timeline: Vocations in Church History

A quick survey of vocation throughout church history

the Editors

John Calvin reminds readers to keep their eyes fixed on God’s guidance

"The Lord’s calling is in everything the beginning and foundation of well-doing"

John Calvin

Richard Baxter encourages believers to help as many people as they can through their work

"Christians! Go on in doing good to all men with cheerfulness"

Richard Baxter

“Vocation is in the here and now”

Four Christian thinkers reflect on how God called them and calls us

Greg Forster, Gene Veith, P.J. HIll, and Charlie Self

Recommended resources: Vocation

Learn more about the stories featured in this issue, and put God’s calling to Christians throughout history in context, with resources recommended by CH editorial staff and this issue’s contributors

the Editors
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