Issue 106 The Stone-Campbell Movement

What's inside

No name but the name of Christ

The beginnings of the Stone-Campbell movement

D. Newell Williams and Douglas A. Foster

Reading the Bible to enjoy the God of the Bible

Connecting the life of the mind to the world of revivalism

Richard Hughes

Freedom to speak, freedom to serve

Womens’ changing roles in the Stone-Campbell movement

Sara Harwell and Loretta Long Hunnicutt

Worldwide disciples, worldwide Christians

How this most American of religious movements flourished on the world stage

Gary Holloway

Stone-Campbell, Did you know?

Some famous people from the Stone-Campbell movement

McGarvey Ice and the editors

Editor's note: Stone-Campbell movement

Trying to break down artificial divides in Christianity, they spawned a host of new divides

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Freedom’s ferment

The world from which the Stone-Campbell movement emerged

Richard Hughes

Who was that white-robed man?

Joseph Thomas, “the White Pilgrim,” tried to be as apostolic as possible

Richard Hughes

How to speak Stone-Campbell

What do they mean when they say . . . ?

Douglas A. Foster and McGarvey Ice

North and South

Was the division in the “unity movement” as much about geography as theology?

Richard Hughes

Climbing into the mainline boat

Early Disciples of Christ resisted all “man-made” denominations; so how did some of them become one?

Mark G. Toulouse

Christian History Timeline: From Stone and Campbell to the Great Communion

The unity movement begun by Stone and the Campbells soon encountered division

Compiled by McGarvey Ice and the editors

Fighting for the pure gospel

African Americans in the Stone-Campbell Movement

Edward J. Robinson

No “soft soap”

Marshall Keeble preached a strong and uncompromising gospel

Edward J. Robinson

The story of a school

Black colleges among the Disciples of Christ

Lawrence A. Q. Burnley

“New woman” same gospel

Silena Moore Holman argued for women’s equality in Stone-Campbell churches

Loretta Hunnicutt

“United we shall prevail”

The Great Communion of 2009

Douglas A. Foster

A story all their own

Was—and is—the Stone-Campbell Movement “Evangelical”?

Paul M. Blowers

Seeking the body of Christ

Stone-Campbell believers still seek “a Bible faith, a holy life,” and a unified church

W. Dennis Helsabeck Jr.

Stone-Campbell: Recommended resources

Here are a few books, websites, and past magazine issues recommended by CHI staff and by this issue’s authors to help you through Stone-Campbell history

the editors
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