Issue 117 The Surprising Quakers

What's inside

Seeking the light of Christ

George Fox and Margaret Fell formed their movement in a turbulent era of church history

Max L. Carter

Quaker Speak

The meaning of Quaker terms

Thomas D. Hamm

Testimonies of truth

What have Quakers believed through 350 years?

Paul N. Anderson

To act in the spirit “not of judgment, but of mercy”

Quaker activist Elizabeth Fry pioneered a new approach to prison reform

Alice Almond Shrock

Quakers, Did you know?

"Quaker means quality," naked evangelists, and other tidbits

the editors

Editor's note: Quakers

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

A man with a mission

Fox believed he was sent to turn people from darkness to the Light

George Fox

A woman with a message

Margaret Fell insisted she and other women had the right to preach

Margaret Fell

All who believed in God were welcome

William Penn’s idealistic creation of Pennsylvania

J. William Frost

Christian History Timeline: The Surprising Quakers

Quakers in Britain and the United States have been in the middle of social ferment for many years

Thomas Hamm and the editors

Seeking freedom

Quakers developed a strong antislavery witness over time

Stephen W. Angell

Unforgettable witness for freedom

John Woolman's long fight to abolish slaveholding among Quakers

Stephen W. Angell

Bearing and not bearing the sword

The Friends’ “Peace Testimony” has a long and complicated history

Chuck Fager

From mud huts to Yearly Meetings

Africa has the world’s largest concentration of Friends today

Robert J. Wafula

A foundation of Friends

Quakers were at the forefront of many nineteenth-century social issues

Carole Dale Spencer

A radical experiment

Quakers should lead the way to redemptive fellowship, says this famous Quaker theologian

D. Elton Trueblood

The Surprising Quakers: Recommended resources

Where should you go to understand Quakerism? Here are some recommendations from CH editorial staff and this issue’s authors

the editors
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