Issue 133+ The Grand Miracle

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Lewis called the Incarnation "the grand miracle"

Jennifer Woodruff Tait and Marjorie Lamp Mead

Day 1. A Lantern for the Stable

The shepherds laid aside their plans and chose to present themselves to Emmanuel.

Diana Pavlac Glyer

Day 2. Loving Others Through Prayer

Why should my prayer be powerless to help another?

Robert Trexler

Day 3. Love your brother and sister

Does a bullying boss or corrupt politician matter to God?

Suzanne Bray

Day 4. Trust in times of fear

How difficult life is when we dwell in fear instead of surrender.

Patti Callahan Henry

Day 5. A seeking heart

Mary had to make a quick decision.

Luci Shaw

Day 6. One thing it cannot be

Christianity cannot be is moderately important.

Joel S. Woodruff

Day 7. Creative beings in a created world

Tolkien’s stories are a deep reminder of the Incarnation of Jesus, the Son of God.

Colin Duriez

Day 8. God became man

God, the lawgiver, provides the necessary forgiveness to cover our failures.

Max McLean

Day 9. Recorded history

Quirinius’s distinctive name firmly roots the Incarnation in human history.

Philip Ryken

Day 10. Holy laughter

True laughter, holy gladness, requires freedom from the world.

Jennifer Trafton

Day 11. An active peace

God is in sovereign control but we must work.

Langdon Palmer

Day 12. The grand miracle

Jesus is like a deep sea salvage diver, bringing the whole ruined world up with him.

Chris R. Armstrong

Day 13. The fire of Christ within

All of human history is centered on the Incarnation.

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Day 14. More of God and less of me

We fix our gaze on the crown more than on the King

David C. Downing

Day 15. Enjoy God forever

The joy that surprises us is that of actually finding what we long for.

George Marsden

Day 16. The holy one

Charles Williams often depicted the fear of his fictional characters when they encountered the transcendent.

Marjorie Lamp Mead

Day 17. Blessing Our Complicated Life

In Jesus, God entered the community of creation so that creation could enter the community of God.

Emily Ralph Servant

Day 18. The glory of the Christmas night sky

However dark our darkness, the shadow that breeds it is just a vain and passing thing.

Matthew Dickerson

Day 19. That We Might See Him

The distinction between looking and seeing.

Andrew Lazo

Day 20. The person of Christ

Sayers’s advice to focus on the person of Christ makes absolute sense.

Mark A. Noll

Day 21. The world in a stable

How could something “bigger than our whole world,” fit in a stable?

William O’Flaherty

Day 22. A sword pierces the soul

Mary had to cope with the usual troubles of child raising and with danger, displacement—and prophecies.

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Day 23. A new path

How can a holy nativity be bound so closely to a horrific mass infanticide?

Carolyn Weber

Day 24. That Holy Thing

Even when huddled against cold or tears, we are never, ever, alone.

Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson

Day 25. Wait for the Lord

We will not wait upon the Lord. We want even holy things to happen now.

Ralph Wood

Day 26. The gift of Christmas

Help will always come when we need it.

Christin Ditchfield

Day 27. The Drama of the Incarnation

“After studying medieval drama I can believe that Jesus still loves me.”

Crystal Downing

Day 28. Seek Him

Unless he wanted us, we would not be wanting him.

Michael Ward
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