Issue 6 Baptists

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A People Called Baptist

From a hodgepodge of dissenters arose one of the world's largest religious bodies.

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From the Archives: This Is My Body… This Is My Blood…

How Baptists viewed the Lord's Supper

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The Baptists: From the Publisher

Introduction to this Baptist issue.

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The Baptists: Did You Know?

Fascinating facts about the Baptists

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Baptists Emerge Out of a Century of Testing and Turmoil in the English Church

The Baptists were born out of a century of turmoil in England

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To Walk in All His Ways

Where did the Baptists come from? Why did their movement arise?

Roger Hayden

The Dippers Dipt: Not Quite So, Reverend Featley!

What Is a True Particular Visible Church? The Great Debate at Southwark Rejoined.

William Brackney

Baptism: A Radical Act

Believer's baptism by immersion was no insignificant step.

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The Gallery of Leaders, Evangelists, Thinkers and Movers in Baptist History

Who was who in the early Baptist movement.

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John Bunyan

John Bunyan, one of the most famous Baptists of them all.

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Christian History Timeline: The Baptists

The Baptist movement was born out of persecution and ridicule. Some key dates and events.

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Religious Liberty: An Emotional Issue Still Not Settled

For many religious liberty means the opportunity to choose what form of religion one wants.

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Baptist Distinctives

Five key convictions that have been essential to Baptists from their beginnings.

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Where are the Lions When We Really Need Them?

An identity crisis for Baptists.

Dr. Edwin S. Gaustad

From the Archives: The Move to Believer’s Baptism

John Smyth’s “Reader’s Epistle”

John Smyth

From the Archives: A Winter Baptism

Fourteen men and women are baptized in a cold river on March 6th.

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From the Archives: Worship in John Smyth's Church

What were the earliest Baptist services like?

Hugh and Anne Bromehead

From the Archives: In Defense of the Baptized Churches

Grantham defends the Baptists.

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From the Archives: Dippers: A Threat to Life and the State

Guilt by historical association with the radicals of Munster.

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From the Archives: A Day in the Life of William Carey

The full life of Baptist missionary William Carey.

William Carey

From the Archives: James R. Graves

An “Old Landmark Baptist” puts it on the line.

James R. Graves

The Baptists: Recommended Resources

Readings to help you learn more about the Baptists.

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