Issue 15 St. Augustine

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St. Augustine: From the Publisher

Introduction to this issue on Augustine of Hippo.

the Editors

St. Augustine: Did You Know . . .

Fascinating facts about Augustine and his times.

the Editors

Augustine’s Life and Times

Randall Petersen presents an overview of the great saint's life, from small-town hijinks to empire-moving ideas and encounters.

Randy Petersen

Christian History Timeline: St. Augustine

Chronology of events related to Augustine of Hippo.

the Editors

St. Augustine: A Gallery of Augustine’s Influences

Who was who in Augustine’ world.

the Editors

True-Life Confessions: The Precedent-Setting Revelations of Augustine’s Restless Heart

Before anybody had heard of bestselling autobiographies, Augustine wrote one.

Herbert Jacobsen

And a Saint in a Pear Tree . . . ?

Augustine and stolen fruit.

Frank A. James III

Augustine’s Sex-Life Change: From Profligate to Celibate

To Carthage then I came Burning burning burning burning . . .

Frank A. James III

Augstine’ s Account of his Conversion

Augustine tells of the moment he finally let go and let God.

Augustine of Hippo

Augustine on Astrology

Human destiny is not shaped by lifeless stars.

Augustine of Hippo

The City of God: Augustine’s Timeless Classic About the Timeless City

Augustine’s timeless classic about the timeless city.

Keith E. Yandell

Augustine’s Millenial Views

Augustine’s Christian philosophy of history.

Frank A. James III

One of the Best Teachers of the Church

Augustine on teachers and teaching.

Robert T. Sandin

Fighting Isms and Schisms

Augustine battled a succession of “isms” or schisms: first Manichacism, then Donatism, then Pelagiariism.

the Editors

Augustine’s Enchiridion: A Handbook for Earthy Christian Living

A Handbook for “Earthy” Christian Living

Paul de Vries

Pope John Paul II on Augustine

In an official statement issued in 1986, on the 1,600th anniversary of Augustine’s conversion to Christ, Pope John Paul II spoke about the influence of this 5th-century great, parts of whose legacy are still claimed today by millions of Catholics and Protestants alike.

John Paul II

From the Archives: Excerpts from an Augustine Sermon

A sermon answering certain heresies.

Augustine of Hippo

St. Augustine: Recommended Resources

Resources for further study of Augustine.

the Editors
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