Issue 89 Richard Baxter & the English Puritans

What's inside

Richard Baxter and the English Puritans: Did You Know?

Interesting and unusual facts about the English Puritans.

Compiled by Jennifer Trafton and Leland Ryken

A Man. A Magazine. A Crème Egg.

Why turn the spotlight on Richard Baxter?

Jennifer Trafton

Living History

Oldest church discovered, Christian history in the movies, rare book by Roger Williams.

Chris Armstrong

Sweet Charity

The Quakers behind Cadbury chocolate.

Elesha Coffman

Physicians of the Soul

J. I. Packer discusses the English Puritans, their quest for holiness, and why they are still worth remembering.

J. I. Packer

Christian History Timeline: The English Puritans

Chronology of English Puritans and their world.

the Editors

A Pen in God’s Hand

Richard Baxter wrote, preached, taught, and visited his way to become the model pastor.

Paul C. H. Lim

The Puritan Moses

Believing he was on a mission from God, Oliver Cromwell became both military genius and lawgiver.

Collin Hansen

Preachers & Poets

“Though dead, by their writings they yet speak.”—George Whitefield.

William Barker and Leland Ryken

Richard Baxter encourages believers to help as many people as they can through their work

Christians! Go on in doing good to all men with cheerfulness.

Richard Baxter

The Original Puritan Work Ethic

By valuing all of life in relation to God, Puritans gave sacred significance to every activity.

Leland Ryken

Richard & Margaret

Difficult man + difficult woman = model marriage.

J. William Black

The Cost of Pilgrimage

After the Restoration, Protestants persecuted Protestants like never before.

John Coffey

On the Record: The Character of an Old English Puritan or Noncoformist

The classic description of Puritanism from a 1646 tract by John Geree.

John Geree

The English Puritans: Recommended Resources

If this issue has piqued your interest in pilgrimaging with the Puritans, here are some books that will aid your progress.

the Editors

Martyrs to the Spear

Fifty years after five missionaries were murdered in Ecuador, their story still inspires.

Kathryn Long and Carolyn Nystrom

Turning Point

The Crowning of Charlemagne.

Patrick Henry Reardon

John Owen put me straight

Lifelong conflict with the besetting sins that besetting sin generates was what we must expect.

J. I. Packer
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