Issue 35 Columbus & Christianity

What's inside

Columbus and Christianity: Did You Know?

Little-known facts about Christopher Columbus and Christianity in the Americas.

Thomas S. Giles

From the Editor: Overlooked Questions about Columbus

What were Columbus’s religious motivations?

Kevin A. Miller

Why Did Columbus Sail?

What your history textbooks may not have told you.

Kevin A. Miller

When Two Worlds Met

The historic moment from Columbus’s journal.

Christopher Columbus

Columbus’s Signature

What does it mean?

Kevin A. Miller

The Clamor over Columbus

On this hotly debated anniversary, what should Christians think?

Dr. Martin E. Marty

Voices in the Controversy

Selected quotations about Columbus.

the Editors

How Did Native Americans Respond to Christianity?

A collection of eyewitness accounts

Thomas S. Giles

Tying Their Own Hands

How Christian missionaries sometimes thwarted their own evangelism.

Thomas S. Giles

The Great Debate

How should the church evangelize the Americas? Two strong leaders faced off over the question.

the Editors

Christianity Comes to the Americas

Early Spanish expansion and missions.

William D. Taylor

Christian History Timeline: Columbus and Christianity in the Americas

Spanish Developments, 1492–1810.

Thomas S. Giles

Cross and Sword

The Spain that sought political conquest also served as powerful patron of the Christian religion.

Pablo A. Deiros

Lights in the Darkness

As sincere believers marched to subjugate a continent, other Christians had to oppose them.

Justo L. González

Columbus and Christianity in the Americas: A Gallery of Champions for the Oppressed

Courageous Christians who worked on behalf of “the least of these” in the Americas.

John Maust

The Christian Conquerors

The paradoxical men who conquered Latin America.

the Editors

The Father of California

Junipero Serra launched a remarkable enterprise on Spain’s final frontier.

James D. Smith III

Highlights of the California Missions

Juní­pero Serra and his successors established 21 missions in California between 1769 and 1823. Each mission was a combination military outpost and religious commune; together, they were a colorful experiment in missions.

Mark Galli

Protestantism Explodes

Why is a traditionally Catholic region turning Protestant?

Samuel Escobar

Columbus and Christianity in the Americas: Recommended Resources

Of the many books about Columbus and his religious legacy, which are most helpful?

William D. Taylor
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