Issue 87 India: A Faith of Many Colors

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India: Recommended Resources

Resources for further study on Christianity in India.

the Editors

Turning Point

Edinburgh 1910: A Faith for All the World

the Editors

India: Did You Know?

Interesting facts about Christianity in India

Steven Gertz et al.

Of Saris and Such

Case studies from an Indian Christianity that defies our limited palette.

Jennifer Trafton

Living History

Rediscovered Bach aria, buried Saxon church, and digitizing one of the world’s oldest New Testament manuscripts.

Ted Olsen

Ethiopia: “The Country Blessed of God”

How a struggling remnant of 150 grew into a church of around 10,000 believers.

Jeremy Wells

Jesus Was Her Guru

If you don’t know the inner strength of an Indian woman with a divine call, you haven’t met Pandita Ramabai.

Keith J. White

The Trailblazer

The first evangelical missionary to India set out to prove that the Gospel does not destroy culture but transforms it from within.

Daniel Jeyaraj

The Faith “Goes Native”

How indigenous Christian movements radically transformed entire communities.

Robert Eric Frykenberg

Christian History Timeline: Christianity in India

Chronology of Christianity in India.

Compiled by Robert Eric Frykenberg

The Social Context: Caste and “Color”

An examination of the caste system

the Editors

A Church Reborn

Catholicism emerged out of decline and disarray to become the largest Christian community in India.

Felix Wilfred

Brahman Christians

How do Christian beliefs relate to Indian philosophy and culture? These Indian thinkers came up with different answers.

Richard Fox Young and Timothy C. Tennent

Wanderer for Christ

Combining the lifestyle of an ascetic “holy man” with the devotion of a Christian visionary, Sadhu Sundar Singh became for many a symbol of authentically Indian Christianity.

Timothy Dobe

Hope for Outcastes

For India’s “untouchable” Christians, relating their faith to the surrounding culture was no simple matter.

Susan Billington Harper

Bringing Peace to Paradise

British missionary John Williams pioneered the spread of Christianity in the South Pacific by employing the zeal of Polynesian converts.

Steven Gertz

J.S. Bach

For the Glory of God

Patrick Kavanaugh
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