Issue 61 The End

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A History of the Second Coming: Did You Know? — Hall of Infamy

Hall of Antichrists: Nine (of many) who were thought to be forbearers of the End.

the Editors

A History of the Second Coming: From the Editor — Sliver in a Forest

Why Christians obsess with the second coming.

Mark Galli

Historic Premillennialism: Taking the Long View

Most early Christian thinkers weren’t troubled by the delay of Jesus' return. They were troubled by those who thought he was coming soon.

Dana Netherton

Amillennialism: Millennium Today

Augustine changed his mind—and that of the church in the West for the Next 1,500 years.

David Wright

Medieval Apocalypticism: Looking for the Last Emperor

The late Middle Ages was no tranquil era of religious harmony, but a hotbed of dissent and extreme speculation.

E. Randolph Daniel

Columbus’s Millennial Voyage

The famous explorer was driven across the Atlantic by more than a quest for gold and glory.

Reginald Stackhouse

Reformation Amillennialism: Salvation Now, Salvation Forever

Luther and Calvin challenged the Catholic church on many key teachings—but not on the doctrine of last things.

John R. Franke

Reformation Apocalypticism: Münster’s Monster

What began as prophetic fervor ended in dictatorship and blood.

Robert L. Wise

American Postmillennialism: Seeing the Glory

American Christians like Jonathan Edwards were optimistic about the end.

Steven R. Pointer

American Adventism: The Great Disappointment

When a New York farmer announced the date of Christ’s return, thousands believed him.

Bruce Shelley

Dispensational Premillennialism: The Dispensationalist Era

How a once-mocked idea began its domination of the evangelical world.

Timothy Weber

Pentecostal Millennialism: The Second Comers

At first, the gift of tongues meant one thing: Jesus was returning soon.

Vinson Synan

Recent Premillennialism: Late Great Predictions

The events of recent decades have fired the imagination of a host of premillennialists, especially Hal Lindsey.

Robert G. Clouse

A History of the Second Coming: Christian History Interview — Hope Beyond the Details

Christians have hardly agreed about how and when Christ will return—only that he will.

Richard Kyle

Judgment Day on the Big Screen

The end of the world according to filmmakers.

Peter T. Chattaway

Recommended Resources — The End of the World As We Know It

More resources about the end of the world, the Millennium, and the Second Coming.

the Editors
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