Issue 100 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible

What's inside

A few of King James’s approved rules for the new translation

James wanted a popular translation that supported standard Church of England usages

The editors

Did you know: King James Version

Myths and facts about the King James Version

The Editors

How the King James Bible was Born

King James gave the Puritans almost nothing of what they wanted, except a new Bible translation

A. Kenneth Curtis

Master of language: Lancelot Andrewes

Andrewes caught James’s eye as the perfect lead translator

Chris R. Armstrong

How the King James Bible brought a “fly in the ointment” to English

From the “skin of your teeth” to “sour grapes,” many English idioms are Hebrew sayings the KJV translated literally

Alistair McGrath

Pre-KJV English translations

The King James Version was not by any means the first English-language Bible

David Lyle Jeffrey

The shorter Lord’s Prayer [Luke11:2–4] in early English versions

How the Lord’s Prayer sounded in early English Bibles (Luke’s version)

David Lyle Jeffrey

No overnight success

Fans of the KJV like to think their favorite Bible burst onto the scene in 1611 with all the fanfare such a masterpiece deserved. Here’s the real story

A. Kenneth Curtis

American Jews and the KJV

Some Jews objected to the KJV’s Christian interpretation of Old Testament passages

Ann T. Snyder

old book in a new world

The colonies started fresh in a lot of areas, but Bible translation wasn’t one of them; overwhelmingly, the KJV has been the U.S. Bible of choice

Chris R. Armstrong

Hail to the chief’s Bible

Some presidential quotes from the KJV

Mark Noll

R-rated version

Not everyone liked the King James Version

Mark Noll

The Bible Riots

How Bible reading in schools led to full-scale riots

Ann T. Snyder

Was Paul against sex?

The plain sense of a KJV text from one of his letters certainly seems to prove it. But wait . . .

Roger L. Omanson

They said it best

Quotes from famous individuals about the King James Version


King James Version: Recommended Resources

If this issue has piqued your interest in the KJV, here are some further windows into the history, language, and legacy of this translation

The Editors

Two Takes on the KJV

A review of two historical documentaries

David Neff
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