Dr. Michael Horton, as part of the bonus material from The Reformation: This Changed Everything, a production of Christian History Institute, discusses whether or not we should view the Reformation as a past event or an on-going need of the church.

Magazine articles • Issue 120 • May 19, 2016

They wanted God to save his own

Had Luther argued only for spiritual changes? German peasants didn’t think so

Magazine articles • Issue 107 • Nov 15, 2013

“What is Darwinism?”

A sampling of opinions from various theologians and scientists

Magazine articles • Issue 115 • Feb 18, 2015

Friends, warriors, sages

How seven writers gave us stories that endure, imparting truths that never fade

Today in History
Quote of the day

“We must follow Jesus Christ, our Captain, who has marched before us. Men have stripped us of all they could and if this is still the will of God, we s...”

Wylie, James Aitken. The History of Protestantism. London, Paris & New York: Cassell & Company, Limited.


This is Teresa’s day (1836)

Let us consider the love which this seraphic saint [Teresa of Avila] had for Almighty God. It seemed to her impossible t...