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Quote of the day

“Surely he who cares for the most insignificant parts of his creation, who paints the lilies of the field and feeds the birds of the air, will provide...”

Barrows, C.E. “History of the First Baptist Church in Newport, R. I. A Discourse Delivered on Thanksgiving Day November 30, 1876, by C.E. Barrows, Pastor of the Church.” Newport: John P. Sanborn & Co., Printers, Mercury Printing House, 1876.


We are immortal (1890)

Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, and shall come...



Boniface is consecrated a bishop by Pope Gregory II for the work he will do as a missionary to the Germans.

Authority for the date: Neill, Stephen. A History of Christian Missions. (Pelican History of the Church.)


Thomas à Becket crosses the English Channel, returning to his post at Canterbury after a six-year exile in France. Four weeks later, knights of King Henry II will murder him.

Authority for the date: “The Murder of Thomas Becket, 1170” EyeWitness to History, (1997).


The Fourth Lateran Council ends with its third session. At this council official use was first made of the term “transubstantiation” with reference to the Eucharist.

Authority for the date:


Cardinal Pole announces England’s reconciliation with the pope.

Authority for the date: Williams, Neville. Chronology of the Expanding World. David McKay Company Inc., 1969. 


Moravian missionaries on Saint Thomas island allow Andreas and Petrus, two Afro-Caribbeans, to share the Lord’s Table, a first for the island’s slave population. 

Authority for the date: Katherine Gerbner, Christian Slavery, p. 174


Harriet Newell, one of America’s first women missionaries to a foreign land, dies of consumption near India. She had lost a baby shortly before, owing to a severe storm, and was prostrate from the experience.

Authority for the date: Robert, Dana. American Women in Mission. Mercer Press, 1992.


John Geddie sails from Nova Scotia for Polynesia where he will labor for many disappointing years on Aneiteum in the New Hebrides before seeing a spiritual breakthrough. Once the islanders are converted, however, they will be so zealous for Christ that they will send missionaries to other islands.

Authority for the date: Patterson, George. Missionary Life Among the Cannibals. Toronto: James Campbell and Son, 1882.


Death of F. J. A. Hort, Bible scholar who had worked with B. F. Westcott on a critical edition of the Greek New Testament, the foundation for almost all modern English translations of the New Testament.

Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.


Missionaries hold thirty days of revival and healing services at “Sharon,” a property in Tiruvalla, India, purchased by pastor Painnumoottil John Thomas. Attendance reaches over one hundred thousand a night and many converts become the nucleus of the Sharon Fellowship Churches of India (Sharon Church) which will have over two thousand local fellowships in thirty-four countries by the twenty-first century. Within two years Thomas establishes a pastoral training college on the property, the first of ten Bible colleges.

Authority for the date: Wikimedia


State burial of Aberi K. Balya, in Uganda. He had helped translate the Bible into the Runyoro/Rutooro language, became a bishop in the Church of England, and established many schools.

Authority for the date: Dictionary of African Christian Biography.

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