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Faith Plus Perseverance Equals Accomplishment

A Thought and a Prayer for Every Day of the Year

Today's Devotional

What, by the help of God, might we not accomplish, if we only made up our minds, and were thoroughly determined! We might meet with many a trial and many a difficulty—yes, and we might know many failures—but how much might be done! Might we not, after patient striving, have great cause for joy and thankfulness? Give me grace, Lord, to persevere, even amid discouragements, in all good works.

About the author and the source

T. F. Kruckenburg (19th century) was Vicar of Grewelthorpe, a village in the north of Yorkshire.

T. F. Kruckenburg. A Thought and a Prayer for Every Day in the Year. London: Skeffington & Son, 1885.

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