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God’s people should never feel lonely

Cover page of Smith’s Daily Remembrancer

Today's Devotional

God is with us —Isaiah 8:10 (KJV).

THE Lord’s people are never alone, therefore they should not feel lonely. God is with them as an OBSERVER; He notices every thought, word, and action; every trial, every foe, and every danger. He is with them as a FATHER, loving and holding communion with them. He is with them as the LORD OF HOSTS, having all the armies of earth and heaven under his direction to befriend them. He is with them as a GUIDE, to lead them; as a COUNSELLOR, to plead their cause; as a FRIEND, to supply and comfort them; as a SAVIOR, to deliver and exalt them; and as a holy, sin-hating God. He is present with them to try them—to reprove them—to humble them—to preserve them—to comfort them—and to save them with an everlasting salvation. Beloved, let us remember that God is with us, everywhere and always; this will check levity; prevent impatience; make us honest; encourage prayerfulness; inspire with fortitude; and produce diligence. If God is with us thus, he is for us; and if God be for us, who can be against us? But do we so walk, as by our conduct to say, “GOD is WITH us?”

Be it my only wisdom here,
To serve the Lord with filial fear,
With loving gratitude;
Superior sense may I display,
By shunning every evil way,
And walking in the good.

About the author and the source

Rev. James Smith was a Baptist preacher and the predecessor of Charles Spurgeon at New Park Street Chapel in London (1841–1850). His devotional, The Believer’s Daily Remembrancer, was so popular, it had gone through 38 editions by 1864.

James Smith. The Believer’s Daily Remembrancer. New York: Rober Carter & Brothers, 1864.

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