Issue 4 Zwingli: Father of the Swiss Reformation

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Zwingli - Father of the Swiss Reformation

The 500th anniversary year of the birth of Ulrich Zwingli is a good time to take a new look at the Zurich reformer.

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Zwingli: Did You Know?

Interesting facts about Zwingli and Zurich.

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Zwingli and Luther: The Giant vs. Hercules

The Colloquy at Marburg was called in hopes of reconciling the two centers of the German Reformation—Zurich and Wittenburg, but conflict over the Lord’s Supper split their common cause.

John B. Payne

Zwingli: Gallery of Family, Friends, Foes, and Followers

Who was who in Zwingli's world

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The Shepherd—Who is the True Pastor?

Dr. Fritz Büsser discusses the central thrust of Zwingli’s understanding of the nature of the ministry.

Dr. Fritz Büsser

Black Death Inspires Zwingli’s Plague Hymn

Zwingli wrote a hymn when he almost died of the plague.

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Christian History Timeline: Zwingli

Fifty years that changed with faith, fortunes, food and faraway places.

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Zwingli Archives: Public Debates

In His 67 Theses Zwingli Highlights His Reformed Beliefs.

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Zwingli Archives: Replacing The Mass With a New Order of Worship

With the abolition of the Roman Catholic Mass came the task of explaining the meaning of Reformed worship.

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Zwingli Archives: The Shepherd

Zwingli’s Historic Reformation Sermon

Ulrich Zwingli

Archives: Zwingli’s Death on the Battlefield of Kappel in 1531

Account of Zwingli’s death in a foolish battle.

Heinrich Bullinger

Impatient Radicals: The Anabaptists

Some of Zwingli's closest early associates felt that he and the Zurich City Council were moving too slowly in implementing the Swiss Reformation. Their protests led to their persecution.

H. Wayne Pipkin

The Spread of the Zwingli Reformation

Zwingli died before his dreams were fulfilled, but his followers, especially Heinrich Bullinger, spread his Reformed influence throughout Europe, to England, and eventually to America.

Dr. Robert C Walton

Zwingli: Recommended Resources

Where to find more about Zwingli and the Swiss Reformation

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