Issue 17 Women in the Early Church (Full-color reprint)

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Women in the Early Church: From the Publisher

Introduction to Women in the Early Church and a looks at Christian History's point of view.

the Editors

The Problem with Special Women’s Issues

Is there not perhaps some better way to give women the real place they’ve had in history?

Patricia Gundry

Quick Quotes on Women in the Early Church

Early sources speak about Christian women.


The Neglected History of Women in the Early Church

A number of prominent leaders, scholars, and benefactors of the early church were women and— despite neglect by many modern historians—the diligent researcher can still uncover a rich history.

Catherine Kroeger

Early Church Women and Heresy

Of course not only women were attracted to the heretical sects that diverged from early church orthodoxy, but women were prominent in their leadership and teachings. Why might this have been?

Ruth A. Tucker and Walter Liefeld

Other Women of the Early Church: Special Gallery Section

Who was who among women (real and fictional) in the early church.

Mary L. Hammack and the Editors

Early Church Heroines: Rulers, Prophets and Martyrs

Early church historians tell of the accomplishments of Christian women.

Ida Besancon Spencer

Paula: A Portrait of 4th Century Piety

This close friend of the scholar Jerome, known for her scholarship and her extreme piety and generosity, was one of the most noteworthy people—women or men—in all the 4th-century church.

Nancy A. Hardesty

The Early Controversies Over Female Leadership

Questions about women’s role in church are almost as old as Christianity itself.

Dr. Karen J. Torjesen

Christian History Timeline: Women and the Church Orders

Chronology of women in church orders.

the Editors

The Chaining of the Church

Did unnecessary restrictions stifle the Spirit in the early church.

William David Spencer

What About Paul?

The Apostle’s writings are foundational to the standard interpretation of what women’s role in the church should be. But examined carefully, his points about women raise several puzzling questions

Randy Petersen

Jesus and Women

In His treatment of women, as in many other areas, Jesus of Nazareth was a radical contrast to the standards of His times.

Evelyn Stag and Frank Stag

From the Archives: The Martyrdom of Perpetua

About 200 A.D., under the reign of Roman emperor Septimius Severus, persecution broke out against the Christians. It was particularly severe in North Africa.

Perpetua and others

From the Archives: Monica, Faithful Mother

Augustine considered his mother, Monica, a driving force in his own salvation.

Augustine of Hippo

From the Archives: The Acts of Thecla

Fictional Thecla was revered through much of church history.

the Editors

From the Archives: The Wife’s Domain

One early author describes a woman's sphere.

John Chrysostom

From the Archives: The Value of Virginity

Excerpt from an early church document elevates virginity.

the Editors

From the Archives: Agnes: the Virgin Martyr

From the bitter persecution of Diocletian (303–305), a young heroine emerged.


From the Archives: Egeria at Thecla’s Shrine

Egeria made the trek from western Europe and kept a diary of her travels.


Women and the Early Church: Recommended Resources

Historical writings and pespectives, Scripture studies, bibliographies about early church women.

the Editors
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