Issue 118 The People’s Reformation

What's inside

When the state advanced the church

Reformation ideas flourished—and caused conflict—in bustling cities

Jim West and Edwin Woodruff Tait

They wanted God to save his own

Had Luther argued only for spiritual changes? German peasants didn’t think so

Edwin Woodruff Tait

People who steal the soul

Why did everybody burn heretics in the sixteenth century?

David C. Fink

The accidental revolution

The English Reformation began with a king but took hold among a people

Melinda S. Zook

A motley, fiery crew

Sometimes difficult, always committed, these men advanced the Reformation in Germany, Switzerland, and England

David C. Steinmetz and Edwin Woodruff Tait

People's Reformation, Did you know?

Here are some of the most extraordinary people of the “People’s Reformation”

the editors

Letters to the editor

Readers respond to recent issues of Christian History

readers and the editors

Editor's note: Urban Reformation

What happened when reforming ideas escaped into the political realm?

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Not only what was believed but what was done

Reformers wanted to change behavior, not just doctrine

Jon Balserak

The life and thought of Zwingli

What motivated his radical changes?

W. P. Stephens

Allies or Enemies?

The Reformers soon divided over crucial issues; Luther himself was one reason why

Robert D. Linder

Preachers and printers

A hot-off-the-press technology pushed the Reformation forward

Armin Siedlecki and Perry Brown

Tearing down the images

Raids on churches resulted in the destruction of countless works of art

Jim West

Christian History Timeline: The People's Reformation

Timeline: key events in Issue 118

the editors

A fire that spread

As soon as the Anabaptist movement began, it was persecuted

Walter Klaassen and John Oyer

Bride of the Reformation

One woman, four husbands, three reformers

Edwin Woodruff Tait

The people's Reformation: Recommended resources

Where can you go to learn more about the “people’s Reformation”? Here are some recommendations from CH editorial staff and this issue’s authors.

the editors

BONUS ONLINE CONTENT: This is my body, argued for you

How do we meet Jesus in the Eucharist? Everybody in the 16th century seemed to have a different idea

David C. Steinmetz

BONUS ONLINE CONTENT: Covenant children

Infant baptism in the Reformation

Jennifer Woodruff Tait and John Oyer
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