Issue 95 The Gospel According to J.S. Bach

What's inside

Bach, did you know?

A Musical Vocabulary for Budding Bach Fans

Calvin Stopert and Jennifer Trafton

A Joyful Noise

Bach’s music continues to have an impact

Jennifer Trafton

To the Glory of God Alone

Fueled by his Lutheran faith, J. S. Bach devoted his life to creating music for refreshment, proclamation, and praise

Calvin R. Stapert

Caffeine and Counterpoint

The coffee craze unleashed Bach's whimsy

Elesha Coffman

Singing the Word of God

Protestant reformer Martin Luther planted the seed that grew into a rich musical tradition culminating in Bach

Mark Noll

The Gospel Truth

Luther believed that music has the power to teach Christian doctrine. He put this belief into practice with his catechism hymns.

Mark Noll

Grace Notes

Luther's example inspired Christian composers to fill the church with the finest music they could create

Carlos Messerli

What Language Shall I Borrow?

When Bach wanted to express the depths of Christ's suffering, he used the words and melodies of well-known hymns

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Christian History Timeline: The Gospel According to Bach

The dates of Bach and important events preceding and following his life.

Paul Westermeyer and the editors

Sermons that Sing

As part of his century's lengthy worship services, Bach's music reinforced and deepened the proclamation of the Word

Robin A. Leaver

Bach & the Bible

His underlining and marginal comments give us a window into his personal faith

Robin A. Leaver

Freedom and Faith

Bach still speaks to the church today

Paul Westermeyer

Bach in Japan

With the help of conductor Masaaki Suzuki, Bach's music is bringing the message of Christian hope to a secular nation

Uwe Simon-Netto
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