Issue 71 Huguenots and the Wars of Religion

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Getting Serious About Sin

No misdeed went unpunished in Calvin’s Geneva.

Pleading the Cause of Christ

In the Prefatory Address to his Institutes, John Calvin defends both his doctrine and its battered believers.

John Calvin

Huguenots and the Wars of Religion: Did You Know?

Interesting & unusual facts about the Huguenots—and their enemies.

the Editors

From the Editor — Fracas Francais

The War of the Three Henris is a microcosm of the battles waged in France.

Elesha Coffman

The Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

Suspicious and scared, the king of France ordered a political assassination. Then the real killing began.

Scott M. Manetsch

Order in the Church

Reforming doctrine was just the beginning of a vigorous campaign to restructure Christian life—at church, at home, and in each believer’s heart.

Raymond A. Mentzer

Reformation on the Run

Lacking political protection or religious freedom, French Reformed thinkers forged a unique expression of faith.

Martin I. Klauber

Christian History Timeline: The French Wars of Religion

Chronology of key events in Huguenot France.

the Editors

Slaughter, Mayhem, & Providence

How one of France’s greatest poets made sense of the Huguenot tragedies.

Alan D. Savage

Huguenots and the Wars of Religion: The Gallery — The Inner Circle

Huguenot intrigues swirled around a handful of key figures.

Emily Alger; Matt Donnelly; Reagan White

Forgotten Reformer

As obscure now as his tiny native village, Pierre Viret once captured the hearts of the Huguenots.

Robert D. Linder

Escape from Babylon

As repression became a way of life in France, Huguenots faced three choices: convert, go underground, or risk everything to reach le Refuge.

Bertrand van Ruymbeke

The French Wars of Religion: Christian History Interview — A New War of Religion?

Pluralism and evangelicalism collide in contemporary France. A conversation with Sébastien Fath.

Sébastien Fath and the Editors

The Huguenots: Recommended Resources

More resources on the French Huguenots and

the Editors
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