Issue 85 Council of Nicaea: Debating Jesus’ Divinity

What's inside

Debating Jesus’ Divinity: Did You Know?

Interresting and Unusual Facts about the Council of Nicaea

Steven Gertz, D. H. Williams, and John Anthony McGuckin

How Arianism Almost Won

After Nicaea, the real fight began.

Christopher A. Hall

The Road to Nicaea

The Council of Nicaea Strove to Answer one of the Central Questions of the Christian Faith, but it also Proved that Theology is Never a Tidy Buisiness.

John Anthony Mcguckin

Changes and Challenges

Bach knew how to make theology sing.

David Neff

Dogs, Missions, and Holy Relics

Miscellaneous events of note related to church history.

Compiled by Ted Olsen

The Dead Sea Scrolls Unrolled

The scroll was a thousand years older than any other Hebrew manuscript of the Old Testament.

Joseph L. Trafton

New wine, new wineskins

Wine and unleavened bread.

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Why a Creed?

A Conversation with Robert Louis Wilken.

Robert Louis Wilken

Which Creed is Which?

Sorting out the mis-named creeds.

the Editors

Who Came to the Council of Nicaea?

The council was overwhelmingly eastern.

D. H. Williams

Taking Care of (Church) Business

More was decided at the Council of Nicaea than the nature of Christ.

Paul L. Maier

Do You Know Whom You Worship?

Did the Nicene Creed distort the pure gospel, or did it embody and protect it?

D. H. Williams

Christian History Timeline: Debating Jesus’ Divinity

The Trials and Triumphs of Nicaea.

the editors

Saints and Heretics

Key players in a high-stakes game of politics and theology.

Elesha Coffman and others

Athanasius: Pugnacious Defender of Orthodoxy

Few churchmen have been so entirely embroiled in doctrinal and ecclesiastical disputes as Athanasius.

Patrick Henry Rardon

A Marriage Made in Byzantium

When it came to determining doctrine, there were limits to an emperor’s power.

Bradley Nassif

The Final Act

It took almost 60 years for the church to make Nicaea its standard of faith.

Lewis Ayres

The Council of Nicaea and its bitter aftermath

Selective bibliography.

Steven Gertz and Jennifer Trafton

Holiness of heart, life, and pen

Charles Wesley and Charles H. Sheldon.

Chris Armstrong

How Armenia “Invented” Christendom

The people of Armenia, or the part they have played in global Christianity.

Steven Gertz
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