Issue 47 Paul & His Times

What's inside

The Apostle Paul and His Times: Did You Know?

Little-known and remarkable facts about Paul and his times.

Marvin R. Wilson

The Apostle Paul and His Times: From the Editor — Putting Paul in His Place

In the edition, you’ll find articles on what it was like to be with Paul rather than on his theology.

Mark Galli

Boundary Breaker

Paul of Tarsus crossed all types of barriers to gain followers for Jesus of Nazareth.

James D. Smith III

Stench, Pain, and Misery

Life in a Roman Prison

John McRay

BONUS MATERIAL: Synagogue Life

Nearly every significant activity of Jewish life took place in a synagogue.

John McRay

On the Road With Paul

The ease—and dangers—of travel in ancient world.

Edwin M. Yamauchi

Into the Heart of Paganism

Why did Paul, the traveling missionary, set down roots in Corinth and Ephesus?

Dan Cole

From Child—Killing to Mysticism

Four examples of the pluralistic challenge that Paul faced.

the Editors

The Apostle Paul and His Times: A Gallery of Paul’s Inner Circle

What happened to the people who worked most closely with him?

Mary Ann Jeffreys

The Real Writer of Romans

The important but little-known figure behind the apostle.

Gary Burge

Christian History Timeline: The Apostle Paul and His Times

Chronology of important events relating to Paul.

Janet Meyer Everts

Dates to Debate

Why it’s difficult to date Paul’s life.

Janet Meyer Everts

Bald, Blind & Single?

Answers to some of the most puzzling questions about Paul.

Stephen Miller

Subversive Conservative

How could Paul communicate his radical message to those threatened by it?

Craig Keener

Legacy of Liberty

Paul’s teachings on grace and freedom have shaken the church in every age.

F.F. Bruce

The Natural Supernatural

To Paul and the early church, religious experiences were commonplace.

Gordon Fee

History in the Making — Billy Graham Had a Dream

Enthusiasm for racial reconciliation has never been so high among American evangelicals. Why?

Edward Gilbreath
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