Issue 41 The American Puritans

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BONUS: The American Puritans: About This Issue

Introducing this issue on American Puritans.

Mark Galli

The American Puritans: Did You Know?

Little-known or remarkable facts about the American Puritans.

Cassandra Niemczyk

The American Puritans: From the Editor — Questions You Asked

Questions readers and visitors ask about Christian History magazine.

Kevin A. Miller

Quest For Pure Christianity

For 100 years, the American Puritans strove to create a model Christian society.

Dr. Edwin S. Gaustad

God’s Goodness In an Indian Attack

A Puritan woman’s frightening ordeal.

Mary Rowlandson

Anguished Conversion

How “vile” young Thomas Shepard met God.

Thomas Shepard

Ordering Their Private World

What Puritans did to grow spiritually.

Dr. Charles E. Hambrick-Stowe

Seizing Every Moment for Prayer

How one Puritan secretly blessed thousands.

Cotton Mather

New England Dynasty

The lives and legacies of the Mathers, America’s most influential Puritan family.

George W. Harper

Deathbed Vigil

Cotton Mather records his wife's last words.

Cotton Mather

When the Sermon Reigned

No activity shaped Puritans more than their “plain” preaching. Here’s what it was like.

Allen C. Guelzo

Christian History Timeline: The American Puritans

Chronology of events relating to the New World Puritans.

Francis J. Bremer

The American Puritans: A Gallery of Gifted Founders

The first generation of American Puritans was extraordinarily talented. Here are five leading examples.

Mark Galli

Theology On Fire

Puritans were not lukewarm about anything, let alone what they believed about God.

J. I. Packer

Theology Tested by Trial

In desperation, Increase turned to prayer.

Increase Mather

Where American Puritans Lived

Houses, churches, and schools tended to hug the coast.

the Editors

Witch Hunting in Salem

Why were 19 people hanged?

David D. Hall

Plea of a Convicted “Witch”

What a convicted woman had to say for herself.

The Puritans Behind the Myths

And how these adventurers affect us today.

Harry S. Stout

The American Puritans: Recommended Resources

Resources for more information on the Puritans.

Mark Galli
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