Issue 5 Radical Reformation: The Anabaptists

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The Anabaptists: From the Publisher

Introducing this Anabaptist issue

the Editors

The Anabaptists: Did You Know?

Fascinating facts about the Anabaptists.

the Editors

A Fire That Spread Anabaptist Beginnings

Breaking with Zwingli's reform movement in Zurich, the early Anabaptists clung to their new understanding of Christian commitment, fully aware of the dangerous consequences.

Walter Klaassen, Ph.D.

Anabaptism: Neither Catholic Nor Protestant

This article condensed and edited from the book by the same title. Used by permission.

Walter Klaassen

The Anabaptists: A Gallery of Factions, Friends and Foes

Who was who in the early Anabaptist world.

the Editors

Sticks and Stones Broke Their Bones, and Vicious Names Did Hurt Them

Sixteenth Century Responses to the Anabaptists

John S. Oyer

Christian History Timeline: Anabaptists

A Quarter Century that Lit a Fire…that Spread to All the World!

the Editors

Showing Them How to Die; Showing Them How to Live

This story of the Michael Sattler family, the Paul Glock family, and the Klaus von Grafeneck family has never been told before. On the surface, it is not a story at all but two rather isolated Anabaptist events, one in the 1520s involving Michael Sattler and one in the 1550s–70s involving Paul Glock. The courage and spirit displayed in these events, however, touched the lives of the van Grafenecks and make one historical vignette about the witness of dying and living in the spirit of Christ.

Leonard Gross

Telling Tales to Tell the Truth

The slaughter of innocent men and women in the Netherlands only subsided in 1578 when the Dutch provinces established a limited degree of religious toleration.

Joseph S. Miller

From the Martyr’s Mirror

The Story of Hans Bret, Died January 1577

Thieleman J. van Braght

From the Archives: A Broadside

Two young women are burned for their faith.

Translated by Miriam Usher Chrisman.

From the Archives: The Schleitheim Confession

Brotherly union of a number of children of God concerning seven articles

John Howard Yoder, translator

Anabaptist archives: The two kingdoms

Contrasting the kingdom of this world with Christ's peaceable kingdom.

Hans Schnell

Anabaptists: Recommended Resources

Where to find more about the Anabaptists and their descendants.

the Editors
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