Issue 102 People of Faith

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Editor’s note

American christianity is, at the very least, odd

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

From Pueblos to Pentecostals

America has always had a diverse religious landscape

Angela Tarángo

Catholics in America

The test of “freedom of religion”

Catherine A. Brekus

American religon 2.0

What will survive? What will die? What will be transformed?

Chris Armstrong, R. Scott Appleby, Martin Marty, Molly Worthen

Recommended resources part 1

Here are a few books, web resources, and Christian History articles to get you started

The Editors

A nation on a hill?

The history of church-state relations in America has been both complicated and contentious

Gary Scott Smith

Taking back America

How fundamentalism engaged the culture of the late 20th and early 21st centuries

Chris R. Armstrong

Crusades and reformers

What is the task of the church?

Randall Balmer, Dana Dillon, Jennifer Graber

Recommended Resources Part 2

Resources for Christian engagement with culture.

the editors

Faith and Society

a timeline

Gary Scott Smith
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