Issue 39 Martin Luther: The Later Years and Legacy

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Martin Luther’s Later Years: Did You Know?

Little-known or remarkable facts about Martin Luther’s later years.

Mark Galli

From the Editor: The Forgotten Years of Martin Luther

Half of Luther has been neglected: his later years.

Kevin A. Miller

After the Revolution

Luther's later years were spent taming the forces he had unleashed.

Dr. Mark U. Edwards, Jr.

Two Feathers from the Holy Spirit?

Luther couldn’t resist speaking out on indulgences one more time.

Dr. Eric W. Gritsch

Changing the Tempo of Worship

For a thousand years of Christian worship, lay people had rarely sung. Then came Luther.

Paul J. Grime

The Weak Man Behind a Mighty Fortress

In intense turmoil, Luther wrote his greatest hymn.

Mark Galli


Even as a sick man, Martin Luther accomplished more than most healthy people.

Eric W. Gritsch

A Sick Man’s Healthy Accomplishments

A look at five representative years of Luther’s life.

the Editors

Reinventing Family Life

Luther elevated marriage and family life.

Steven Ozment

A Monk Marries

Luther’s wit and wisdom about his new estate.

the Editors

Powerful Preaching

A sample of how Luther could bring Bible characters to life.

Martin Luther

Christian History Timeline: Martin Luther’s Later Years

Martin Luther chronology of the later years.

Ken Schurb

Christianity for Common Folk

Luther developed his teachings for non-scholars.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther’s Later Years: Recommended Resources

More resources about Luther and his times.

George S. Robbert

The Unrefined Reformer

Luther was bull-headed, coarse-tongued, and intemperate, at times.

Eric W. Gritsch

Allies or Enemies?

Luther clashed with other Protestants over doctrine.

Robert D. Linder

How I Pray

It is a good thing to let prayer be the first business of the morning and the last at night.

Martin Luther

Luther’s Will and Testaments

He bequeathed statements of belief that guide millions of Christians today.

Eugemne F.A. Klug

Luther’s Living Legacy

What has Luther left to us 500 years later?

Martin E. Marty
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