A Sick Man’s Healthy Accomplishments





Sickly for eight months; dizzy spell during sermon in April. Threatening attacks of Anfechtungen(spiritual darkness, doubt, depression) in July, repeated in September and December. Plague epidemic in Wittenburg. 

Preaches 60 sermons; lectures; writes 100 letters and 15 tracts; works on Old Testament; takes brief trips. Daughter Elizabeth born.


Rather healthy

Preaches 190 sermons; lectures; writes 150 old letters and 20 tracts; works on Old Testament; travels to Torgau and Altenburg. Elizabeth dies. 


Sick for two months with colds

Preaches 120 sermons; lectures; writes 120 letters, 20 tracts, catechisms, and hymns; travels to Marburg for colloquy with Zwingli. Daughter Magdalena born. 


Sick for ten months with stomach disorders, colds, sore on thigh, ringing in ears. Dizzy spell in pulpit in December

Preaches 60 sermons; lectures; writes 170 letters and 30 tracts; works on Old Testament from April to October during Diet of Ausburg 


Sick for six months (suffers from exhaustion in March/April; sickly and weak later).

Preaches 180 sermons; lectures; writes 100 letters and 15 tracts; works on Old Testament; takes brief trips. Mother dies. 

By the Editors

[Christian History originally published this article in Christian History Issue #39 in 1993]

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