Issue 115 Luther Leads the Way

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Course corrections

300 years before Luther, reformers were already trying to change the church

Patricia Janzen Loewen

The accidental revolutionary

In his quest for spiritual peace, Luther had no idea he’d leave his world in turmoil

James M. Kittleson

“Contemplate Christ”

Luther’s theology emerged from his own struggles

Timothy George

Christ present everywhere

What bothered opponents most about Luther—from Catholics to fellow Reformers—wasn’t his views on grace but his doctrine of the Eucharist

David C. Steinmetz

Momentous vows

Why Luther’s marriage shocked the world and changed visions of family life for centuries to come

Beth Kreitzer

Luther Led the Way, Did You Know?

Luther loved to play the lute, once went on strike from his congregation, and hated to collect the rent

the editors and others

Editor’s note: Luther leads the way

This marks the first of a Reformation series in honor of its fifth centenary

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Medieval Christianity: Stepping into Luther’s world

An interview with John Van Engen

John Van Engen

BONUS ONLINE CONTENT: What’s in a name?

The surprising origin of the term “Protestant”

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

What did Luther know and when did he know it?

When did Luther discover justification by faith?

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Christian History Timeline: Luther Leads the Way

The century that changed the world

Ken Schurb and the editors

Mother of the Reformation

Katie Luther was one of the most famous spouses in history

Beth Kreitzer

The political Luther

Luther revolutionized views on church and state

Lewis W. Spitz

Preachers, popes, and princes

The men who mentored Luther, fought with him, and carried his reformation forward

David C. Steinmetz and Paul Thigpen

The man who painted the Reformation

Lucas Cranach gave us indelible images of the Reformation

Paul Thigpen and the editors

The man who yielded to no one

Erasmus “laid the egg that Luther hatched,” many said; why aren’t we celebrating his 500th anniversary?

David C. Fink

After the revolution

The beginning of the Reformation was not the end of Luther’s troubles

Mark U. Edwards Jr.

BONUS ONLINE CONTENT: Recovering the past

Christian humanists believed in continuity between classical wisdom and Christian truth

Jennifer Trafton and Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Luther leads the way: Recommended resources

Where should you go to understand Luther and the early Reformation? Here are some recommendations from CH editorial staff and this issue’s authors

The editors
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