Issue 8 Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening

What's inside

Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Young Jonathan Edwards drew up a list of resolutions.

Mark Noll

Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening: From the Publisher

Introduction to this issue on Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening.

the Editor

Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening: Did You Know?

Fascinating facts relating to Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening.

the Editors

Excerpts from the Life of Jonathan Edwards

An admiring student penned a biography of his teacher, Jonathan Edwards.

Samuel Hopkins

Colonial New England: An Old Order, New Awakening

A look at colonial New England and the theological giant who emerged from it.

J. Stephen Lang and Mark A. Noll J.

Jonathan Edwards: A Gallery of Friends, Foes & Followers

Who was who in the life of Jonathan Edwards.

the Editors

My Dear Companion

Edwards had a special relationship with his wife Sarah.

Elisabeth S. Dodds

Edwards’ Theology

Puritanism Meets a New Age

Richard Lovelace

Christian History Timeline: Jonathan Edward’s World

Chronology of events associated with or surrounding Edward's span of life.

the Editors

The Puritans and Edwards

The American Vision of a Covenant People

Harry S. Stout

Jonathan Edwards Speaks to Our Technological Age

Edwards has a great deal to say to the contemporary world.

George M. Marsden

From the Archives: Extracts from Two Sermons by Edwards

Not just hell and brimstone, Edwards also preached on love in the Christian life.

Jonathan Edwards

From the Archives: The Earliest Known Letter of Jonathan Edwards

This letter was written by the twelve-year-old Jonathan Edwards to his sister Mary on May 10, 1716.

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards: Recommended Resources

More books and articles about Jonathan Edwards.

the Editors
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