Jonathan Edwards: Recommended Resources

Edward Hickman, ed., The Works of Jonathan Edwards , 2 vols. (Banner of Truth, 1979).

Vergilius Ferm, ed., Puritan Sage: Collected Writings of Jonathan Edwards (Library Publishers, 1953)

Paul Ramsey and others, eds., The Works of Jonathan Edwards , 6 vols. (other volumes forthcoming) (Yale University Press, 1957–80).

Harold P. Simonson, ed., Selected Writings of Jonathan Edwards (Ungar, 1970).

On Edwards and the Great Awakening:

Elisabeth Dodds, Marriage to a Difficult Man: The Uncommon Union of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards (Westminster Press, 1971).

Conrad Cherry, The Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Peter Smith, 1974). Reprint of 1966 edition.

Edward H. Davidson, Jonathan Edwards: The Narrative of a Puritan Mind (Harvard University Press, 1969).

Edwin S. Gaustad, The Great Awakening in New England (Peter Smith, 1965). Reprint of 1957 edition.

Alan Heimert and Perry Miller, eds., The Great Awakening (Bobbs-Merrill, 1967).

Perry Miller, Jonathan Edwards (University of Massachusetts Press, 1981). Reprint of 1949 edition.

Harold P. Simonson, Jonathan Edwards: Theologian of the Heart (Eerdmans, 1974).

Patricia J. Tracy, Jonathan Edwards, Pastor (Hill and Wang, 1980).

Ola Elizabeth Winslow, Jonathan Edwards, 1703–1758 (Octagon, 1972). Reprint of 1940 edition.

By the Editors

[Christian History originally published this article in Christian History Issue #8 in 1985]

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