Issue 11 John Bunyan and "Pilgrim's Progress"

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John Bunyan and the Pilgrim’s Progress: From the Publisher

Introduction to this John Bunyan issue.

the Editor

John Bunyan and Pilgrim’s Progress: Did You Know?

Fascinating facts about John Bunyan and his famous allegory.

the Editors

John Bunyan: The Man, Preacher and Author

A summary of Bunyan's own pilgrimage through life. He was a village tinker who became a captivating preacher and writer.

E. Beatrice Batson, Ph.D.

A Tinker’s Dissent, A Pilgrim’s Conscience

The self-educated Bunyan gloried in the Spirit's power.

Richard L. Greaves

The Quakers

Bunyan challenged the Quakers on a number of occasions.

the Editors

The Fifth Monarchy Movement

The Fifth Monarchists were convinced of Christ’s imminent return to establish his Kingdom.

the Editors

Bunyan’s Understanding of the Christian Life . . .

Bunyan’s understanding of the Christian life as a perpetual, sometimes terrifying struggle dominated his outlook until he was finally released from prison.

John Bunyan

Pulling the Flesh From My Bones

Bunyan in Prison—Ministry in Suffering.

Rebecca S. Beal

A Gallery of People Around John Bunyan

Who was who in John Bunyan's world.

the Editors

Christian History Timeline: John Bunyan and Pilgrim’s Progress

Chronology of events associated with John Bunyan.

the Editors

Principalities and Powers: Authorities in Conflict

The events of Bunyans life were played out in 17th century England. It was a time when politics and religion were inextricably intertwined, and both state and church were facing major conflicts.

the Editors

The Pilgrim’s Progress: A Dream That Endures

Furnishing as it did much counsel, caution and consolation amid the toilsome traffic of daily life, Pilgrim’s Progress bore a message that was at once both useful and agreeable.

James F. Forrest

What Shall I Do to Be Saved?

The opening scene of The Pilgrim’s Progress presents a solitary figure crying out in anguish. His distress expresses Bunyan’s own tormenting struggle with sin—yet not his alone. Throughout the book’s history, readers have seen themselves in the man with the great burden on his back, and recognized their own spiritual pilgrimages in Christian’s journey to the Celestial City.

John Bunyan

From the Archives: Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

Grace Abounding is Bunyan’s spiritual autobiography. The book’s major concern is the working of God’s grace in his life. Bunyan wrote the account to encourage friends and followers who faced struggles and persecutions like his own.

John Bunyan

From the Archives: The Sinner and the Spider

An excerpt from Bunyan’s A Book for Boys and Girls, published in 1686, which consists of forty-nine spiritual lessons based on aspects of nature and everyday life.

John Bunyan

From the Archives: The Pilgrim Hymn

“Bunyan’s burly song strikes a new and welcome note in our Hymnal.&rdquo:

John Bunyan

From the Archives: Mr. Bunyan’s Last Sermon

A sermon preached only two days before Bunyan’s fatal illness, and twelve days before his death.

John Bunyan

John Bunyan: Recommended Resources

Material for further study of Bunyan and his famous allegory.

the Editors
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