Issue 13 Jan Amos Comenius

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From the Publisher: Jan Amos Comenius

Introducing Jan Amos Comenius

the Editors

Three featured paintings

Three paintings that put Comenius’s life and times in perspective.

the editors

Jan Amos Comenius: Did You Know?

Fascinating facts about Comenius and his times.

the Editors

Seeking a Better Way

The pain and damage of Christian divisions and international warfare affected Comenius and his church both directly and disastrously: His prodigious energy and gifts were obsessively employed to change the way the world and church worked.

Eve Chybova Bock

Between Hus and Herrnhut

Where were the Moravians all those years?

Bernard Michel and the Editor

The Unity of the Brethren

Three big names in the Unity of the Brethren.

the Editors

A Gallery of Figures in the Life and World of Comenius

Jan Amos Comenius was acquainted with scholars, kings, churchmen, businessmen, ordinary and extraordinary men who profoundly influenced his life as he also influenced theirs.

the Editors

Meeting of the Minds

Jan Amos Comenius and Rene Descartes

Paul Heidebrecht and the Editors

Comenius: A Man of Hope in a Time of Turmoil

Christian History Magazine is pleased to present the comments of a Czech scholar, fellow countryman, and student of Comenius.

Josef Smolik

The Thirty Years War

When Christians slaughtered Christians without let up.

the Editors

What Children Owe to Comenius

Every child in a modern education system owes a debt to Comenius.

Dr. Lebar

Christian History Timeline: Jan Amos Comenius

Chronology of events associated with the life of Comenius.

the Editors

Learning from Nature

The Educational Legacy of Jan Amos Comenius.

Paul Heidebrecht

Principles Comenius Observed in Nature Applicable to Education

Comenius was an observant educator.

the Editors

The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart

A synopsis of the imaginative work of Comenius.

the Editors

Knowledge: The Road to Peace

As Comenius saw it, education was the best way out of the Thirty Years War.

Gerald L. Gutek

From the Archives: The School of Infancy

This early work of Comenius’s concentrates on the first six years of a childs life.

Jan Amos Comenius

From the Archives: The Great Didactic

Excerpts from Comenius’s masterwork on education.

Jan Amos Comenius

From the Archives: A Handwritten Note

How did Comenius view the sciences?

the Editors

Jan Amos Comenius: Recommended Resources

Resources for further study of Comenius, his teachings, and his times.

the Editors
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