Issue 52 Hudson Taylor & Missions to China

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Hudson Taylor & Missions to China: Did You Know?

Remarkable or little-known facts about Hudson Taylor and missions to China.

Samuel H. Chao

From the Editor — Surprised by China

This issue quickly got out of control as we discovered more and more fascinating aspects of Taylor’s life and mission.

Mark Galli

Pushing Inward

Whether he was battling despair or floating on euphoric faith, Hudson Taylor drove himself—and the gospel—ever deeper into China.

Roger Steer

Fashion Statement

Missionaries who dressed like the Chinese suffered a few snags.

Alvyn Austin

Missions Dream Team

The story of seven extraordinary missionaries and their brief encounter with an extraordinary Chinese pastor.

Alvyn Austin

Trickle-Down Evangelism

The earliest China missionaries started with the elite.

Ralph R. Covell

Christian History Timeline: Hudson Taylor and Missions to China

Chronology of events associated with Hudson Taylor and missions to China.

the Editors

Unbecoming Ladies

Women played a controversial but decisive new role in China missions.

Ruth A. Tucker

Fury Unleashed

The Boxer Rebellion revealed the courage of missionaries—and the resentment they sparked.

Mark Galli

Hudson Taylor and Missions to China: A Gallery of Gritty Pioneers

Six missionaries whose tenacity changed China.

Kevin D. Miller

Trying to Break Loose

It took some doing for Chinese Protestants to get free of missionary control.

Daniel H. Bays

Was It Worth It?

Western Protestants poured money and people into China for a hundred years. Did it make a significant difference?

the Editors

Interview — The Miracles after Missions

The missionaries are forgotten, but the prospects for Chinese Christianity have never looked better.

Kim-Kwong Chan

Fitting Outfits

What do you pack if you’re going to China as a British missionary in 1865?

the Editors

Hudson Taylor and Missions to China: Recommended Resources

Resources for those interested in learning more about Hudson Taylor and Chinese missions.

Samuel Hugh Moffett
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