Issue 43 How We Got Our Bible

What's inside

How We Got Our Bible: Did You Know?

Little-known and remarkable facts about the history of the Bible.

David M. Scholer

How We Got Our Bible: From the Editor — Reading the Bible Backwards

What happened with the Bible before Wycliffe?

Mark Galli

The Crown of English Bibles

The King James Version was the culmination of 200 turbulent years of Bible translation.

Tony Lane

The Fiery Man Behind the First English Bible

John Wycliffe left quite an impression on the church.

Stephen Miller

The Bible on our Lips

Phrases from the Bible.

the Editors

What the English Bible Cost One Man

Tyndale’s comfort to persecuted Bible readers.

Mark Galli

Reading a Banned Book

Tyndale’s comfort to persecuted Bible readers.

William Tyndale

The Difference a Translation Makes

Early attempts to capture Psalm 23.

Wycliffe Bible (Purvey Edition, 1388)

How We Got Our Bible: A Gallery of Mavericks & Misfits

The key players in the history of the Bible haven’t necessarily been popular—or orthodox.

Stephen M. Miller

Christian History Timeline: How We Got Our Bible

Chronology of important events relating to the creation of the English-language Bible.

Philip W. Comfort

A Testament Is Born

Could Matthew take shorthand?—and other intriguing reasons the New Testament may have emerged surprisingly early.

Carsten Peter Thiede

What Writings Must Christians Obey?

Four definitions of the New Testament.

the Editors

Books That Almost Made It

Excerpt from a popular writing that some wanted to include in the New Testament: The Shepherd of Hermas.

the Editors

How We Got our Old Testament

The process was long and complex, and the result is still a matter of dispute.

Bruce Waltke

More Than One Bible

Christians still disagree over the content of the Old Testament.

the Editors

Discovering the Oldest New Testaments

The bizarre stories behind the great Greek manuscripts.

H. G. G. Herklots

The Look and Feel of the First Bibles

Codexes, parchments, scrolls—the shape of early Bibles.

H. G. G. Herklots

How We Got Our Bible: Christian History Interview — From the Apostles To You

How easy was it for a mistake to enter into the process of copying manuscripts.

Bruce Metzger

How We Got Our Bible: Recommended Resources

The history of the Bible is mostly the study of documents and so makes for daunting reading.

Mark Galli
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